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2013 Anschutz Pricing & Reference

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Find Anschutz firearm values, gun prices, firearms identification and grading information in this downloadable PDF, excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Models covered in this download include:

Mark 10 Target, Model 1403D, Model 1407, Model 1408, Model 1411, Model 1413 Match, Model 1416D HB Classic, Model 1416D KL Classic, Model 1416D Custom, Model 1418D KL Mannlicher, Model 1418/19, Model 1433D, Model 1449D Youth, Model Woodchucker, Model 1451E Target, Model 1451R Sporter Target, Model 1451D Custom, Model 1451D Classic, Model 1516D KL Classic, Model 1516D KL Custom, Model 1517D Classic, Model 1517D HB Classic, Model 1517D Monte Carlo, Model 1517MPR Multi-Purpose Rifle, Model 1518D Mannlicher, Model 184, Model 54 Sporter, Model 54M, Model 141, Model 141M, Model 164, Model 164M, Model 153, Model 153-S, Model 64, Model 64MS, Model 64 MPR, Model 64P, Model 64P Mag, Model 54.18MS, Model 54.MS REP, Model 2000 MK, Model 2007 Supermatch, Model 2013 Supermatch, Model 1903D, Model 1803D, Model 1808D RT Super, Model 1907ISU Standard Match, Model 1910 Super Match II, Model 1911 Prone Match, Model 1913 Super Match, Model 1827B Biathlon, Model 1827BT Biathlon, Achiever, Achiever Super Target, Bavarian 1700, Classic 1700, Custom 1700, Model 1700 Mannlicher, Model 1700 FWT, Model 1700 FWT Deluxe, Model 1710 D Classic, Model 1710 D HB Classic, Model 1710 D KL Monte Carlo, Model 1710 D HB Classic 150 Years Anniversary Version, Model 1712 Silhouette Sporter, Model 1702 D HB Classic, Model 1502 D HB Classic, Model 1907 Club, Model 1717 D Classic, Model 1717 D HB Classic, Model 1730 D Classic, Model 1730 D HB Classic, Model 1730 D KL Monte Carlo, Model 1733D KL Mannlicher, Model 1740 D Classic, Model 1740 D HB Classic, Model 1740 D KL Monte Carlo, Model 520/61, Model 525 Sporter, Exemplar, Exemplar XIV and Exemplar Hornet.

SKU U7366
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