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2013 Browning Pricing & Reference

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Find Browning gun pricing, firearm values, gun identification and grading information in this downloadable PDF, excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Models covered in this download include:

Early Semi-Automatic Pistols, Hi-Power Modern Production, Hi-Power—.30 Luger, Tangent Sight Model, Renaissance Hi-Power, Louis XVI Model, Hi-Power Centennial Model, Hi-Power Capitan, Hi-Power Practical, Hi-Power Silver Chrome Model, Hi-Power .40 S&W, Hi-Power Mark III, Baby Browning, Browning Model 1955, Pro-9/Pro-40, BDA-380, Model BDA, BDM Pistol, Model BDM Silver Chrome, Model BDM Practical, Model BPM-D, Model BRM-DAO, Nomad, Challenger, Renaissance Challenger, Gold Line Challenger, Challenger II, Challenger III, Browning Collector’s Association Edition, Medalist, International Medalist, Second Model International Medalist, Gold Line Medalist, Renaissance Medalist, Buck Mark, Buck Mark Plus, Buck Mark Varmint, Buck Mark Silhouette, Buck Mark 22 Micro, Buck Mark 5.5, Blued Target, Blued Target (2005), Gold Target, Field, Field (2005), Buck Field Plus, Buck Mark Bullseye, Buck Mark Unlimited Match, Buck Mark Challenge, Buck Mark Camper, Buck Mark Camper Cocobola UDX, Buck Mark Practical URX Fiber Optic, Buck Mark Hunter, Buck Mark Limited Edition 25th Anniversary, Buck Mark Bullseye Target, Buck Mark Bullseye Target URX, Buck Mark Contour 5.5 URX, Buck Mark Contour Lite 5.5 URX, Buck Mark FLD Plus Rosewood UDX, Buck Mark Lite Splash 5.5 URX, Buck Mark Micro Standard Stainless URX, Buck Mark Micro Bull, Buck Mark Plus Stainless Black Laminated UDX, Buck Mark Plus UDX, Full Line Dealer Buck Mark Plus Rosewood UDX, Buck Mark Plus Stainless UDX, Buck Mark Standard Stainless URX, Browning 1911-22, Superposed shotguns, Citori shotguns, Citori Hunter, Citori Sporting Hunter, Citori Satin Hunter, Citori Satin Hunter Micro Midas, Citori Lightning, Citori Lightning Feather, Citori Lightning Feather Combo, Citori Feather XS, Citori Superlight Feather, Citori Super Lightning Grade I, Citori Classic Lightning Grade I, Citori Classic Lightning Feather Grade I, Citori 525 Sporting, Citori 525 Field, Citori 525 Golden Clays Sporting, Citori 525 Feather, Citori 625 Sporting, Citori 625 Sporting Left-Hand, Citori 625 Field, Citori Esprit, Citori Sporting Clays, Citori Lightning Sporting, Citori Privilege, Citori XS Sporting Clays, Citori Ultra XS Skeet, Citori XS Special, Citori Plus, Citori Trap Combination Set, GTI Model, Ultra Sporter, Citori Superlight, Citori Superlight Feather, Micro Lightning, Gran Lightning, Citori White Lightning, Citori White Upland Special, Citori Skeet, 3 Gauge Sets, 4 Gauge Sets, Citori Trap, Citori XT Trap, Citori XT Trap Gold, Model 325 Sporting Clays, Special Sporting, Model 425 Sporting Clays, Model 425 Golden Clays, Light Sporting 802ES (Extended Swing), Citori Plus Combo, Citori Ultra XS Prestige, BT-99, BT-99 Stainless, BT-99 Signature Grade I, BT-99 Pigeon Grade, BT-99 Golden Clays, BT-99 Plus, BT-99 Plus—Pigeon Grade, BT-99 Plus—Signature Grade, BT-99 Plus Stainless—Grade I, BT-99 Plus—Golden Clays, BT-99 Plus Micro, BT-99 Grade III, Model BT-100, Model BT-100 Satin, Model BT-100 Thumbhole, Recoilless Trap, BSS, BSS Grade II, BSS Sporter, BSS Sidelock, Cynergy Field, Cynergy Classic Field, Cynergy Field Small Gauge, Cynergy Sporting, Cynergy Classic Sporting, Cynergy Classic Field Grade III, Cynergy Classic Field Grade VI, Cynergy Sporting Adjustable Comb, Cynergy Sporting Small Gauge, Cynergy Feather, Cynergy Feather Composite, Cynergy Euro Sporting, Cynergy Euro Field, Cynergy Euro Sporting Composite with Adjustable Comb, Cynergy Classic Trap Unsingle Combo, Auto-5, American Browning Auto-5, Auto-5 Lightweight, Auto-5 Magnum, Auto-5 Skeet, Auto-5 Trap Model, Sweet Sixteen, Buck Special, Two Millionth Commemorative, Auto-5 Light 12, Auto-5 Light 20, Auto-5 Magnum, Auto-5 Buck Special, Auto-5 Skeet, Sweet Sixteen, A-5 DU 50th Anniversary, A-5 DU Sweet Sixteen, Auto-5 Classic, Auto-5 Light Buck Special, Auto-5 Stalker, Auto-5 Final Tribute Limited Edition, Browning A5, Double Automatic Shotgun, Twelvette Double Auto, Twentyweight Double Auto, B-2000, B-2000 Magnum, B-2000 Buck Special, B-2000 Trap, B-2000 Skeet, B-80, B-80 Buck Special, B-80 DU Commemorative, Gold 10, Gold Evolve, Gold Light 10 Gauge Camo, Gold 10 Gauge Combo, Gold Stalker, Gold Classic Stalker, Gold 3 1/2" 12 Gauge, Gold 12 Gauge Hunter, Gold Classic Hunter, Gold Classic 20 Gauge, Gold Classic High Grade, Gold Deer Hunter, Gold Deer Hunter 20 Gauge, Gold Deer Stalker, Gold Deer Mossy Oak, Gold Waterfowl Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, Gold Waterfowl Mossy Oak Breakup, Gold Turkey/Waterfowl Mossy Oak, Gold Turkey/Waterfowl Stalker, Gold Turkey/Waterfowl Hunter, Gold NWTF Series, Gold Light 10 Gauge, Gold 12 Gauge, Gold Hunter, Gold Sporting Clays, Gold Ladies/Youth Sporting Clays, Gold “Golden Clays” Ladies Sporting Clays, Gold “Golden Clays” Sporting Clays, Gold Micro, Gold Upland, Gold Fusion, Gold Fusion High Grade, Golden Clays, Gold Superlite Hunter, Gold Superlite FLD Hunter, Gold Superlite Micro, A-500G/A-500R, A-500G Sporting Clays, A-500R Hunting Model, A-500R Buck Special, Silver Hunter, Silver Stalker, Silver Micro, Silver Sporting Micro, Silver NWTF, Silver Rifled Deer, Silver–Mossy Oak, Maxus, Maxus Stalker, Maxus Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Maxus Hunter, Maxus Sporting Carbon, BPS Field Grade, BPS Magnum, BPS Waterfowl 12 Gauge Camo, BPS Waterfowl 12 Gauge Mossy Oak Break-Up, BPS Mossy Oak New Break-up, BPS Mossy Oak Duck Blind, BPS Rifled Deer Mossy Oak New Break-up, BPS NWTF Series, BPS Stalker, BPS Stalker—Combo, BPS Game Gun, BPS 10 Gauge Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Camo, BPS 10 Gauge Turkey, BPS Micro 20 Gauge, BPS Upland Special, BPS Small Gauge, BPS Pigeon Grade, BPS Game Gun, BPS Buck Special, BPS Trap Model, BPS Micro Trap, BPS Youth Model, BPS Waterfowl Deluxe, BPS Ducks Unlimited Versions, Model 12, High-Power Bolt-Action Rifle, Model BBR, X-Bolt Composite Stalker, X-Bolt Stainless Stalker, X-Bolt Hunter, X-Bolt Medallion, X-Bolt Micro Hunter, X-Bolt Varmint Stalker, X-Bolt RMEF White Gold, X-Bolt RMEF Special Hunter, A-Bolt Hunter, A-Bolt II Hunter, A-Bolt II Hunter WSSM, A-Bolt II Micro Hunter, A-Bolt II Classic Hunter, A-Bolt Stainless Hunter, A-Bolt Classic Hunter WSSM, A-Bolt Mountain Ti, A-Bolt Composite Stalker, A-Bolt II Composite Stalker, A-Bolt Composite Stalker WSSM, A-Bolt Stainless Stalker, A-Bolt II Composite Stainless Stalker, A-Bolt Stainless Stalker WSSM, A-Bolt Carbon Fiber Stainless Stalker, A-Bolt II Heavy Barrel Varmint, A-Bolt Varmint Stalker, A-Bolt Varmint Stalker WSSM, A-Bolt Eclipse M-1000, A-Bolt Eclipse M-1000 WSM & Stainless, A-Bolt Eclipse Varmint, Euro-Bolt, A-Bolt II Euro Bolt, NRA A-Bolt Wildlife Conservation Collection, A-Bolt Medallion Model, A-Bolt II Medallion, A-Bolt II Medallion WSSM, A-Bolt Gold Medallion, A-Bolt II Gold Medallion, A-Bolt II White Gold Medallion, A-Bolt White Gold Medallion RMEF, A-Bolt Custom Trophy, A-Bolt Big Horn Sheep Issue, A-Bolt Micro-Medallion, A-Bolt II Micro-Medallion, A-Bolt Pronghorn Issue, A-Bolt Special Hunter RMEF, A-Bolt White Gold RMEF, A-Bolt Target, A-Bolt Target Stainless, A-Bolt .22 Grade I, A-Bolt .22 Gold Medallion, T-Bolt Model T-1, T-Bolt Model T-2, T-Bolt (2006), T-Bolt Target/Varmint, T-Bolt Target/Varmint Stainless, T-Bolt Composite Hunter, T-Bolt Composite Target/Varmint, T-Bolt Composite Target/Varmint Left-Hand, T-Bolt Sporter, T-Bolt Sporter Left-Hand, T-Bolt Composite Sporter Left-Hand, Acera Straight Pull Rifle, Model 52 Limited Edition, BPR-22, BPR-22 Grade II, Trombone Model, .22 Caliber Semi-Auto, .22 Semi-Auto/Model SA-22 (Miroku Mfg.), BAR-22, BAR-22 Grade II, Buck Mark Rifle, Buck Mark Field Target Gray Laminate, Patent 1900 High Power, Bar High Power Rifle, North American Deer Rifle Issue, BAR Mark II Safari Rifle, BAR Mark II Lightweight, BAR Composite Stalker, BAR High Grade Models, BAR ShortTrac, BAR ShortTrac Stalker, BAR ShortTrac Left-Hand, BAR ShortTrac Mossy Oak New Break-up, BAR ShortTrac Digital Green, BAR LongTrac, BAR LongTrac Stalker, BAR LongTrac Left-Hand, BAR LongTrac Mossy Oak New Break-up, Model BPR, BL-22 Grade I, BL-22 Grade II, BL-22 Field Series Grade I, BL-17 Field Series Grade I, BL-22 Field Series Grade II, BL-17 Field Series Grade II, BL-22 Grade II Octagon, BL-17 Grade II Octagon, BL-22 Classic, BL-22 NRA Grade 1, BL-22 Gray Laminate Stainless, BL-22 Micro Midas, Model 81 BLR, BLR Lightning (Lightweight), BLR Lightweight ‘81, BLR Lightweight Takedown, BLR Lightweight ‘81 Stainless Takedown, Model B-78, Model 53, Model 65 Grade I, Model 65 High Grade, Model 71 Grade I, Model 71 High Grade, Jonathan Browning Centennial Mountain Rifle, Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle, Model 1878 (Original), Model 1885 High Wall, Model 1885 Low Wall, Model 1885 Low Wall Traditional Hunter, Model 1885 BPCR (Black Powder Cartridge Rifle), Model 1885 BPCR Creedmore Type, Model 1885 High Wall Traditional Hunter, Model 1886 Grade I, Model 1886 High Grade, Model 1886 Montana Centennial, B-92 Carbine, Model 1895 Grade I, Model 1895 High Grade, Express Rifle, Custom Shop Express Rifles and Continental Set.

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