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2013 Fabrique Nationale Pricing & Reference

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In this PDF download of Fabrique Nationale (also known as FN or FNH) products, you'll find in-depth firearm values, gun prices and firearm grading information. It's excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Models covered in this download include:

Model 1900, Model 1903, Model 1905/1906, Model 1910 “New Model”, Model 1922, “Baby” Model, World War II-era FN models, Model 1935/Hi-Power/GP, Model 1889, Model 1949 or SAFN 49, Model 30-11 Sniper Rifle, FN-FAL, FN CAL, FNC, Musketeer Sporting Rifles, Deluxe Sporter, FN Supreme, Supreme Magnum Model, Model Forty-Nine, Model FNP-9/FNP-40, FNP-45, FNP-45 Tactical, FNP-45 Competition, FNX-9, FNX-40, FNH Five-seveN, Model HP-SA, Model HP-SA-SFS, Model HP-DA/HP-DAO, Model HP-DA/HP-DAO Compact, Model BDA/BDAO Compact, FNAR, FN A1 SPR, FN A1a SPR, FN A2 SPR, FN A3 SPR, FN A4 SPR, FN A5 SPR, FN A5a SPR, FN PBR (Patrol Bolt Rifle), Ultima Ratio Intervention, Ultima Ratio Commando I, Ultima Ratio Commando II, FN-Mini-Hecate, .338 Lapua, Hecate II, OM .50 Nemesis, FN Police Shotgun, FN Tactical Police and FN Self-Loading Police.

SKU U7352
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