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2013 High Standard Pricing & Reference

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Find extensive firearm pricing, identification and gun values information on new and used High Standard products. It's excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a trusted source of new and used gun prices.

Models found in this gun pricing download include:

Model B, Model B-US, Model C, Model A, Model D, Model E, Model S, Model H-B Type 1 Pre-War, Model H-B Type 2 Post-War, Model H-A, Model H-D, Model H-E, Model USA—Model HD, Model USA—Model HD-MS, Model H-D Military, G-.380, G-B, G-E, Olympic (commonly called G-O), Supermatic, Olympic, Field King, Sport King, Supermatic S-100, Olympic O-100, Field King FK-100, Sport King SK-100, Sport King Lightweight SK-100, Flite King LW-100, Dura-Matic M-100, Olympic O-101, Supermatic S-101, Field King FK-101, Dura-Matic M-101, Conversion Kits, Supermatic Trophy, Supermatic Citation, Supermatic Tournament, Olympic, Olympic ISU, Olympic Trophy ISU, Sport King, Flite King, Sharpshooter, Supermatic Trophy, Supermatic Citation, Olympic, Olympic ISU, Victor, Supermatic Trophy, Supermatic Citation, Supermatic Tournament, Olympic ISU 1980 Commemorative, Supermatic Trophy 1972 Commemorative, Supermatic Tournament, Sport King, Sharpshooter, Survival Kit, 10-X, Citation II, Conversion Kits for Military Frame Guns, Supermatic Citation MS, Olympic Rapid Fire, 10-X—Shea Model, Olympic Trophy Space Gun, Type 1 Markings, Type 2 Markings, Type 3 Markings, Silver-Plated Derringer, Gold-Plated Derringers, Police-Style Revolvers, Sentinel Imperial, Sentinel Deluxe, Sentinel Snub, Sentinel Steel Frames, Kit Gun, Camp Gun, Sentinel Mark I, Sentinel Mark IV, Sentinel Mark II, Sentinel Mark III, Power Plus, Crusader, Double Nine with Aluminum Frame, Double Nine with Steel Frame, Longhorn, Longhorns with Steel Frame, Marshall, Posse, Natchez, Hombre, Durango, The Gun/High Sierra, Griswold and Gunnison, Leech and Rigdon, Schneider and Glassick, Bicentennial 1776-1976, Special Presentation Bicentennial, Supermatic Field, Supermatic Special, Supermatic Deluxe, Supermatic Citation, Supermatic Trophy, Supermatic Duck, Supermatic Deer Gun, Supermatic Skeet, Supermatic Trap, Model 200, Flite King Field, Flite King Brush, Flite King Special, Flite King Deluxe, Flite King Citation, Flite King Trophy, Flite King Skeet, Flite King Trap, Model 514, Police Shotguns, Model 10-A, Model 10-B, Supermatic Shadow Automatic, Supermatic Shadow Indy Over/Under, Supermatic Shadow Seven Over/Under, Sport King/Flite King, Sport King Field, Sport King Special, Sport King Deluxe/Sport King, Sport King Carbine, Hi-Power Field Grade and Hi-Power Deluxe.

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