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2013 Kimber Pricing & Reference

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Use this downloadable PDF for extensive Kimber firearm values, grading, identification and gun pricing information. The information is excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a renowned book of new and used gun prices.

Models found in this firearm pricing download include:

Model 82 Classic, Cascade, Custom Classic, Mini Classic, Model 82A Government, Continental, Super Continental, Super America, Super Grade, Centennial, Brownell, Model 84, Model 89, Model 82C, Model 84C, 17 Series, SVT, Pro Varmint, Classic Varmint, 22 Series, Youth, Model 84M, Model 84L, Model 8400, Augusta Shotguns, Valier Shotguns, Marias Shotguns, Classic .45 Pistols, Custom Series, Custom Heritage Edition, Custom Stainless, Stainless Limited Edition, Custom Target, Custom TLE II (Tactical Law Enforcement), Custom TLE/RL II, Stainless II, Stainless II (polished), Stainless Ultra TLE II, Stainless Target II, Stainless Target II 9mm/10mm, Stainless Target II (polished), Stainless Target Limited Edition, Custom Royal, Custom Royal II, Custom TLE/RL II Special Edition, Warrior, Desert Warrior, 25th Anniversary Editions, Anniversary Custom, Anniversary Gold Match, Anniversary Match Pair Custom, Gold Match, Gold Match II, Stainless Gold Match, Gold Team Match II, Team Match II .38 Super, Ten II Series, Polymer, Polymer Stainless, Polymer Target, Polymer Stainless Target, Polymer Pro Carry Stainless, Polymer Stainless Gold Match, Pro Carry Ten II, Ultra Ten CDP II, Gold Match Ten II, BP Ten II, Pro BP Ten II, Compact Series, Compact Aluminum, Compact Stainless, Compact Stainless II, Compact Stainless Aluminum, Pro Carry II, Pro Carry II Night Sights, Pro Carry Stainless, Pro Carry Stainless Night Sights, Pro TLE/RL II, Stainless Pro TLE/RL II, Super Carry Series, Super Carry Pro, Super Carry Custom HD, Super Carry Ultra Plus, Solo Carry STS, Ultra Carry II Series, Ultra Carry II, Ultra Carry Stainless, Ultra Carry Stainless II, Custom Shop Pistols, Centennial Edition 1911, Royal Carry, Elite Carry, Gold Guardian, Combat Carry, Gold Combat, Gold Combat II, Gold Combat Stainless, Gold Combat Stainless II, Super Match, Super Match II, LTP II, Raptor II, Pro Raptor II, Grand Raptor II, Ultra Raptor II, Ultra RCP II, Gold Combat RL II, Target Match, Super America, CDP Series (Custom Defense Package), Ultra CDP, Ultra CDP II, Compact CDP, Compact CDP II, Pro CDP, Pro CDP II, Custom CDP, Custom CDP II, Eclipse II Series, Eclipse Custom II, Eclipse Target II, Eclipse Ultra II, Eclipse Pro II, Eclipse Pro Target II, Tactical Series, Tactical Custom II, Tactical Pro II, Tactical Ultra II, Covert Series, Custom Covert II, Pro Covert II, Ultra Covert II, Aegis Series, Pro Aegis II, Custom Aegis II, Ultra Aegis II, Rimfire Series, Rimfire Custom, Rimfire Target, Rimfire Super and .22 LR Conversion Kit.

SKU U7346
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