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2013 Mauser Pricing & Reference

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Find extensive Mauser gun prices, identification, grading, and firearm values information in this excerpt from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a renowned firearm price guide featuring new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Mauser gun pricing download include:

Early Model 98 Sporting Rifles, Model 1896 Broomhandle Mauser Pistol, Six-Shot Step-Barrel Cone Hammer, Twenty-Shot Step-Barrel Cone Hammer, System Mauser 10-Shot Cone Hammer, Six-Shot Standard Cone Hammer, Twenty-Shot Cone Hammer, Standard Cone Hammer, Turkish Contract Cone Hammer, Early Transitional Large Ring Hammer, Model 1899 Flat Side—Italian Contract, Early Flat Side, Late Flat Side, Flat Side Bolo, Early Large Ring Hammer Bolo, Shallow-Milled Panel Model, Deep-Milled Panel Model, Late Large Ring Hammer Bolo, Six-Shot Large Ring Bolo, Early Small Ring Hammer Model Transitional, Early Small Ring Hammer Bolo Model, Six-Shot Small Ring Hammer Model, Standard Pre-war Commercial, 9mm Export Model, Mauser Banner Model, Persian Contract, Standard Wartime Commercial, 9mm Parabellum Military Contract, 1920 Rework, Luger Barreled 1920 Rework, Early Post-war Bolo Model, Late Post-war Bolo Model, French Gendarme Model, Early Model 1930, Late Model 1930, Model 1930 Removable Magazine, Cone Hammer Flat Side Carbine, Large Ring Hammer Transitional Carbine, Large Ring Hammer Flatside Carbine, Small Ring Hammer Carbine, Chinese Marked Handmade Copies, Taku-Naval Dockyard Model, Shansei Arsenal Model, Model 1910, Model 1914, Model 1912/14, Model WTP I, Model WTP II, Model 1934, Model HSc, Low Grip Screw Model, Early Commercial Model, Transition Model, Early Nazi Army Model, Late Nazi Army Model, Early Nazi Navy Model, Wartime Nazi Navy Model, Early Nazi Police Model, Wartime Nazi Police Model, Wartime Commercial Model, French Manufactured Model, Model HSc Post-war Production, Model 2000, Model 3000, Model 3000 Magnum, Model 4000, Model 225, Model ES340, Model DSM34, Model MS420B, Model ES350, Model M410, Model M420, Model EN310, Model EL320, Model KKW, Model MS350B, Model ES340B, Model MM41OBN, Model MS420B, Model 107, Model 201 Standard, Model 66 Standard, Model 66 Magnum, Model 66 Safari, Model 66 Stuzen, IDF Mauser Rifle Model 66SP, Model 77, Model 77 Ultra, Model 77 Mannlicher, Model 77 Big Game, Model 86-SR, Model 93 SR, Model 96, Model 98 (SIG ARMS), Model 99 Standard, Model 99 Magnum, Model 80 SA, Model Compact DA, Model 90 DA and Model M2 (Imported by SIG ARMS).

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