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2013 Mossberg Pricing & Reference

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Mossberg gun prices, firearm values, identification and grading information can be found in this PDF download. The information is an excerpt from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a renowned firearm price guide featuring new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Mossberg gun values download include:

Brownie, Model K, Model M, Model L, Targo Smoothbore Series, Model 400 Palomino, Model 702 Plinkster, Model 702 International Plinkster, Model 817 Varmint, Tactical .22, Model 100 ATR (All-Terrain Rifle), Model 100 ATR Night Train, Model 100 ATR Super Bantam, Model 800, Model 800D, Model 800V, Model 800M, Model 800SM, Model 801 Half-Pint Plinkster, Model 802 Plinkster, Model 817 Plinkster, Model 810, Model 472C, Model 472P, Model 472 One in Five Thousand, Model 479 PCA, Model 479 RR (Roy Rogers), Model 464 Lever-Action Centerfire, Model 464 Lever-Action Rimfire, SSi-One Sporter, SSi-One Varmint, SSi-One Slug, SSi-One Turkey, Model 1500, Model 1550, Model 1700 LS, Mossberg 4X4, Mossberg 4X4 Classic Stock Synthetic, Mossberg 4X4 Scoped Combo, Mossberg 4X4 Classic Walnut Stock, Model 695, Model 695 Camo, Model 200K, Model 500 Regal, Model 500 Field Grade, Model 500 Steel Shot, Model 500 Slugster, Model 500 Camper, Model 500 Hi-Rib Trap, Model 500 Super Grade, Model 500 Pigeon Grade, Model 500 Pigeon Grade Trap, Model 500 Persuader, Model 500 Mariner, Model 500 Cruiser, Model 500 Muzzleloader Combo, Model 500 Bantam, Model 500 Super Bantam Field, Model 500 Super Bantam Turkey, Model 500 Super Bantam Slug, Model 500 Super Bantam Combo, Model 500 Bullpup, Model 500 Slug Gun Viking Grade, Model 500 Grand Slam Turkey, Model 500 Flyway Series, Model 500 Combo, Model 500 USA, Model 500 HS (Home Security), Model 500 Rolling Thunder, Model 500 Tactical Cruiser Door Buster, Model 500 Tactical, Model 500 JIC (Just In Case), Model 505 Youth, Model 510 Mini Shotgun, Model 535 ATS (All Terrain Shotgun) Field, Model 535 ATS Turkey, Model 535 ATS Waterfowl, Model 535 ATS Slugster, Model 535 ATS Combos, Model 590 Special Purpose, Model 590 Mariner, Model 590DA, Model 590 Bullpup, Model 590A1 Blackwater, Model 590 Tri Rail, Model 590 A1, Model 835 Ulti-Mag, Model 835 Ulti-Mag Viking Grade, Model 835 Ulti-Mag Crown Grade, Model 835 Ulti-Mag Crown Grade Combo Model, Model 835 Ulti-Mag Grand Slam Turkey, Model 835 Ulti-Mag Thumbhole Turkey, Model 835 Ulti-Mag Tactical Turkey, Model 835 Wild Turkey Federation, Model 835 American Field, Model 935 Magnum Waterfowl Camo, Model 935 Magnum Slugster, Model 935 Magnum Turkey/Deer Comb, Model 935 Magnum Turkey Camo, Model 935 Magnum Turkey Pistol Grip, Model 935 Magnum Waterfowl Synthetic, Model 935 Magnum Turkey Synthetic, Model 935 Magnum Waterfowl/Turkey Combo, Model 935 Grand Slam Turkey, Model 930 Field, Model 930 Turkey, Model 930 Turkey Pistol Grip, Model 930 Waterfowl, Model 930 Slugster, Model 930 Tactical, Model 930 Road Blocker, Model 930 SPX, Model 930 Home Security/Field Combo, Model 3000, Model 3000 Waterfowl, Model 3000 Law Enforcement, Model 1000, Model 1000 Slug, Model 1000 Super Series, Model 1000 Super Waterfowl, Model 1000 Super Slug, Model 1000 Super Trap, Model 1000 Super Skeet, Model 9200 Viking Grade, Model 9200 USST Crown Grade, Model 9200 Combos, Model 9200 Special Hunter, Model 9200 Deer Combo, Model 9200 Turkey Camo, Model 9200 Crown Grade Bantam, Model 9200 Jungle Gun, Model SA-20, Model SA-20 Tactical, Model 5500 MKI I, Silver Reserve Field Over/Under, Silver Reserve Sporting Over/Under, Silver Reserve Side-by-Side and Onyx Reserve Sporting Side-by-Side.

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