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2013 Navy Arms Pricing & Reference

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Gun prices, firearm values, identification and grading information for Navy Arms Company products can be found in this PDF download. The gun pricing information is excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a renowned gun price guide featuring new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Navy Arms Company gun values download include:

Model 83, Model 93, Model 95, Model 96 Sportsman, Model 100, Model 100 Side-by-Side, Model 150, Model 105, Model 105 Deluxe, Harpers Ferry Flint Rifle, Harpers Ferry Journey of Discovery Rifle, Brown Bess Musket, Brown Bess Musket, 1777 Charleville Musket, 1777 Standard Charleville Musket, 1816 M.T. Wickham Musket, 1808 Springfield Musket, Pennsylvania Long Rifle, Kentucky Rifle, Mortimer Flintlock Rifle, Tryon Creedmoor Rifle, Standard Tryon Rifle, Deluxe Tryon Rifle, Parker-Hale Whitworth Rifle, Parker-Hale Volunteer Rifle, Parker-Hale 3 Band Volunteer Rifle, Rigby Target Rifle, 1861 Springfield Rifle, Model 1873 Springfield Officer’s Trapdoor, 1862 C.S. Richmond Rifle, J.P. Murray Carbine, 1863 Springfield Rifle, 1841 Mississippi Rifle, Zouave Rifle, Parker-Hale 1861 Musketoon, Navy Arms Musketoon, Parker-Hale 1858 Two Band Musket, Navy Arms 1858 Two Band Musket, Parker-Hale Three Band Musket, Navy Arms Three Band Musket, Navy Arms Revolving Carbine, 1859 Sharps Infantry Rifle, 1859 Berdan Sharps Rifle, 1873 Sharps No. 2 Creedmore, Sharps #2 Silhouette Rifle, Sharps #2 Sporting Rifle, 1873 Sharps Quigley, 1874 Sharps Infantry Rifle, 1874 Sharps Sniper Rifle, Sharps Cavalry Carbine, Sharps Cavalry Carbine Cartridge Model, 1874 Sharps Plains Rifle, 1874 Sharps Sporting Rifle, 1874 Sharps Buffalo Rifle, 1874 Sharps No. 3 Long Range Rifle, 1873 Winchester Rifle, 1873 Winchester Carbine, 1873 Winchester Sporting Rifle, 1873 Sporting Long Range Rifle, 1873 Border Model, 1866 Yellowboy Rifle, 1866 Yellowboy Carbine, 1866 Yellowboy Short Rifle, Iron Frame Henry, Blued Iron Frame Henry, Military Henry, Henry Carbine, Henry Trapper, 1892 Rifle, 1892 Short Rifle, 1892 Carbine, 1892 Brass Frame Carbine, 1892 Brass Frame Rifle, No. 2 Creedmoor Target Rifle, Rolling Block Buffalo Rifle, 1885 High Wall, John Bodine Rolling Block Rifle, 1873 Springfi eld Infantry Rifle, 1873 Springfield Cavalry Carbine, Ithaca/Navy Hawken Rifle, Hawken Rifle, Hawken Hunter Rifle, Hawken Hunter Carbine, Kodiak MKIV Double Rifle, Mortimer Flintlock or Percussion Shotgun, Fowler Shotgun, Navy Arms Steel Shot Magnum, T&T Shotgun, Japanese Tanegashima Matchlock, Le Page Pistol, Kentucky Pistol, Harpers Ferry Pistol, 18th Georgia Le Mat Pistol, Beauregard Le Mat Pistol, Navy Le Mat, Army Le Mat, Cavalry Le Mat, Starr Double-Action Model 1858 Army, Starr Single-Action Model 1863 Army, 1862 New Model Police, 1862 New Model Book-Style Cased Set, Paterson Revolver, Engraved Paterson Revolver, 1851 Navy, 1851 Navy Conversion, Augusta 1851 Navy Pistol, Model 1851 Navy Frontiersman, Reb Model 1860 Pistol, Reb 1860 Sheriff’s Model, 1847 Walker Dragoon, 1860 Army Pistol, 1860 Army Conversion, 1858 New Model Remington-Style Pistol, Stainless Steel 1858 New Model Army, Brass Framed 1858 New Model Army, 1858 Target Model, Deluxe 1858 New Model Army, Spiller and Burr Pistol, Rogers and Spencer, London Gray Rogers and Spencer Pistol, Rogers and Spencer Target Model, 1861 Navy Conversion, 1872 Colt Open Top, 1873 Colt-Style Single-Action Army, Model 1873 SAA Stainless Gunfighter, Economy Model 1873 S.A.A., 1873 U.S. Cavalry Model, 1873 Pinched Frame Model, 1873 Flat Top Target, Deputy Single-Action Army, Shootist Model S.A.A., Scout Small Frame Revolver, Deluxe 1873 Colt Revolver, Bisley Model, Bisley Flat Top Target, 1875 Remington-Style Revolver, 1890 Remington-Style Revolver, Model 1875 Schofield—Wells Fargo 5-inch barrel, Model 1875 Schofield—Cavalry 7-inch barrel, Model 1875 Schofield—Deluxe, Model 1875 Schofield—B Engraved, Model 1875 Schofield—C Engraved, Model 1875 Schofield Founder’s Model, Model 1875 Schofield—Hideout, New Model Russian, SKS Type 56 w/Scope Rail, Standard SKS Type 56, Standard SKS Type 56 With Scope and Bipod, SKS Cowboy’s Companion Carbine, SKS Hunter Carbine, TT-Olympia Pistol, TU-90 Pistol, TU-KKW Training Rifle, TU-KKW Sniper Trainer, TU-33/40 Carbine, JW-15 Rifle, Martini Target Rifle, RPKS-74, No. 5 Enfi eld Jungle Carbine, No. 6 Enfield Jungle Carbine, Ishapore 2A No. 1 MK III Rifle, 2A Tanker Carbine, MK III Tanker Carbine, Lithgow No. 1 MK III Rifle, No. 1 MK III Enfield Rifle, No. 4 Tanker Carbine, No. 4 MK I Enfield Rifle, Savage No. 4 MK I Rifle, Luger and Grand Prix Silhouette Pistol.

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