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2013 Ruger Pricing & Reference

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Find gun prices, firearm values, identification and grading data for Ruger products in this PDF download of gun pricing information. It is excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a renowned firearm price guide featuring new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Ruger firearm pricing download include:

Standard Model Red Eagle Grips, Standard Model, Standard Model—Marked Hecho en Mexico, Mark I Target Model, Stainless Steel 1 of 5,000, Standard Model Mark II, Model MK4, Model MK450, Model MK6, Model KMK4, Model KMK6, Target Model, Stainless Steel Target Model, Government Model, Stainless Steel Government Model, Competition Model KMK678GC, Bull Barrel Model MK4B, KP4, KP514, KP512, P4, 22/45 Threaded Barrel, P512, Standard Pistol, Hunter, Competition, Mark III 22/45 Standard Pistol, Mark III 22/45 Stainless, Mark III 512 Pistol, Mark III 22/45 Hunter, Mark III 22/45RP Pistol, Charger, Single Six Revolver, Flat Gate Model, Contoured Gate Model, Single Six Convertible, Single Six .22 Magnum Model, Lightweight Single Six, Super Single Six, Bearcat (Old Model), Super Bearcat (Old Model), Flattop—.357 Magnum, Blackhawk Flattop .44 Magnum, Blackhawk, Blackhawk Convertible, Super Blackhawk Old Model, Hawkeye Single-Shot, Super Single Six Convertible (New Model), Stainless Steel Single Six Convertible, New Model Single Six (.22 LR only) Star Model, Fixed Sight New Model Single Six, Colorado Centennial Single Six, Model SSM Single Six, New Model Single Six Fixed Sight, New Model Single Six 50th Anniversary Model, New Model Super Single Six, New Model Super Single Six, .17 HMR, New Model Single Six Hunter Convertible, Single-Ten, Buckeye Special, New Model Blackhawk, 50th Anniversary New Model Blackhawk NVB34-50, New Model Blackhawk, Stainless Steel Blackhawk (New Model), Blackhawk Convertible (New Model), Fiftieth Anniversary .44 Magnum Flattop New Model Blackhawk, Model SRM Blackhawk .357 Maximum, Super Blackhawk Stainless Steel, Super Blackhawk Hunter, 50th Anniversary Matched Set .357 and .44 Magnum, Bisley Model, Shootists Bisley, Old Army Percussion Revolver, Old Army Stainless Steel, Ruger Vaquero, Ruger Bisley Vaquero, Ruger Vaquero Bird’s-head, Cowboy Pair, Ruger New Vaquero (Small Frame), Ruger New Model Bisley Vaquero, New Ruger Bearcat (Super Bearcat), New Model Super Bearcat, Fiftieth Anniversary New Bearcat, Security Six, Speed Six, Model 737, Model 738, Model 739, GP-100, GP-100 Stainless, SP-101, SP-101 Spurless-Hammer, Redhawk, Redhawk Stainless Steel, Redhawk 4-Inch .45 Colt (2008), Super Redhawk, Super Redhawk Alaskan, Police Service-Six, Model 707 and 708, Ruger LCR Lightweight Compact Revolver, P-85, KP85, KP89X, P89, KP89, P89DC, KP89DC, KP89DAO, KP90, KP90DC, P90, KP91DC, KP91DAO, P93D, KP93DC, KP93DAO, KP94, KP94DC, P94, KP94DAO, KP944, KP944DC, KP944DAO, P95, KP95DC, P95DAO, KP95DAO, KP97D, KP97DAO, KP345, KP345PR, SR9, SR40, SR9c Compact Pistol, LCP (Lightweight Compact Pistol), LCP Crimson Trace, LC9, SR1911, 10/22 Standard Carbine With Walnut Stock, 10/22 Standard Carbine Stainless Steel, 10/22 Magnum, 10/22 Sporter (Finger Groove Old Model), 10/22 Deluxe Sporter, 10/22 International Carbine, 10/22 International Carbine (New Model), Model 10/22T, Model 10/22TNZ, Model 10/22 Canadian Centennial, 10/22 Laminated Stock Carbine, 10/22 Laminated Stock Sporter Model, 10/22 Laminated Stock International, 10/22 All Weather, Model 10/22 Carbine 40th Anniversary, Ruger 10/22 Compact Rifle 10/22 CRR, K10/22T Ruger 10/22 Target Stainless, 10/22-T, 10/22RPFCARH (Lipsey’s Distributor’s Special), K10/22-USST Barracuda (Distributor Exclusive), 10/22VLEH Target Tactical Rifle, Model 10/17, SR-22 Rifle, Model 44 Carbine, Deerstalker Model, Model 44 RS, Model 44 Sporter (Finger Groove Old Model), Model 44 International Carbine, Model 44 25th Anniversary Model, Model 99/44 Deerfield Carbine, Mini-14, Mini-14 Stainless Steel, Mini-14 Target Rifle, Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, Mini-14 Stainless All-Weather Ranch Rifle, NRA Mini-14, Mini-14 ATI Stock, Mini-14 Tactical Rifle, SR-556, Mini-30, Mini-30 Stainless with Synthetic Stock, GB Model, Ruger PC4/PC9 Carbine, Ruger No. 1 Light Sporter (1-A), Ruger Number 1 Light Standard (1-AB), Ruger No. 1 Standard (1-B), Ruger No. 1 Standard Stainless (1-B-BBZ), Ruger No. 1 Tropical (1-H), Ruger No. 1 International (1-RSI), Ruger No. 1 Medium Sporter (1-S), Ruger No. 1 Special Varminter (1-V), Ruger No. 1 Stainless Varminter (1-V-BBZ), Number 3 Carbine, Model 77-R/RS, Model 77-RS, Model 77 Flat Bolt, Model 77 RL and RLS, Model 77V Varmint, Model 77 RSI, Model 77 RS African, Model 77/17, Model 77/17 Synthetic, Model 77/17 Varmint, Model 77/17RM2, Model 77/17RM2 Stainless Steel, Model 77/22, Model 77/22 Synthetic Stock, Model 77/22 Stainless Steel/Synthetic Stock, Model 77/22 Varmint, Model 77/22M, Model 77/22 Stainless Steel, Model 77/22—.22 Hornet, Model K77/22VHZ, Model 77R MKII, Model 77RP MKII, Model 77RS MKII, Model 77RSP MKII, Model 77RSI MKII, Model 77RL MKII, Model 77LR MKII, Model 77RLP MKII, Model 77VT MKII, Model 77RBZ MKII, Model 77RSBZ MKII, Model 77CR MKII Compact Rifle, Model 77 Express MKII, Model 77 Magnum MKII, M77 MkII Frontier Rifle, Gunsite-Scout, Model 77/44RS, Model 77/44RSP, Model 77/17RM, HM77R Hawkeye, M77 Hawkeye Ultra-Light, M77 Hawkeye All-Weather Ultra-Light, M77 Hawkeye Compact, M77 Hawkeye Laminate Compact, HK77RFP Hawkeye All-Weather, HKM77PRCM Hawkeye Compact Magnum, HKM77RCM Hawkeye Compact Magnum, HM77RSPHAB Hawkeye Alaskan, HM77RSPHAB Hawkeye African, M77 Hawkeye Tactical, M77 Hawkeye Predator, M77 Hawkeye International, American Rifle, Model 77/50RS, Model 77/50RSO, Model 77/50RSBBZ, Model 77/50RSP, Model 96/17, Model 96/22, Model 96/22M, Model 96/44, Red Label Over/Under Early Production, Red Label Over/Under Late Production, Red Label Over/Under Sporting Clays, Red Label All-Weather Over/Under, Engraved Red Label Over/Under, Engraved Red Label All-Weather Over/Under, Ruger Woodside Over/Under, Ruger Trap Model and Ruger Gold Label Side-by-Side.

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