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2013 Sig Sauer Pricing & Reference

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Here are new and used Sig Sauer gun prices, firearm values, grading and identification information, offered in an easy-to-read PDF download of gun values data. This priceless information comes from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a trusted firearm values guide featuring new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Sig Sauer gun pricing download include:

P210, P210-8-9, P210-6-9, P210-5-9, P210-2-9, P210-9-6S, P210 Legend, P220, P220 .22, P220 ST, P220 Sport, P220R SAO, P220R DAK, P220 SAS, P220 Carry SAS, P220 Carry, P220R Equinox, P220R Carry Equinox, P220 Langdon Edition, P220 Combat, P220 Match, P220 Super Match, P220 Compact, P220 Elite, P220 Elite Stainless, P220 Carry Elite Stainless, P220 Platinum Elite, P224, P225, P225 Limited, P226, P226BR .22, P226 Navy Seal, P226 ST, P226 Sport Stock, P226 Sport, JP226 Jubilee Pistol, P226 ST, P226R DAK, P226 X-Five, P226 Tactical, P226 SAS, P226R Equinox, P226 SCT, P226 Elite, P226 Elite Stainless, P226 Platinum Elite, Mosquito, P228, P228 Limited (New Model), P229, P229 Nickel, P229 Stainless, P229 Sport, P229 Limited, P229 Combo, P229 Elite, P229 Platinum Elite, 1911 C3, 1911 Platinum Elite, 1911 Platinum Elite Carry, 1911-22, 1911 Scorpion, Model GSR, Revolution, Revolution Custom STX, Revolution TTT, Revolution XO, Revolution Target, Revolution Carry, Revolution Compact, Revolution Compact SAS, Revolution Compact C3, Revolution Custom Compact RCS, P229R DAK, P229 SCT, P238, P938, P239, P239 Limited, P230, P232, P232 (1998 Model), P232 Limited, P245 Compact, P245 Custom Shop, P250 Compact, P290, SP2340, SP2009, SP2022, Model SA3 Hunter, Model SA3 Sporting, Model SA5 Sporting, Aurora TR Field Shotguns, TR 20U, TR 20, TR 30, TR 40 Silver, TR 40 Gold, New Englander, TT 25 Competition, TT45, SIG AMT, SIG PE-57, SIG 550, SIG 551, SSG 2000, SSG 3000, Model SHR 970, Model SHR 970 Magnum, Model SHR 970 Tactical, Model 202 Standard, Model 202 Lightweight, Model 202 Varmint, Model 202 Supreme, Model 202 Supreme Magnum, SIG 556, SIG 556 SWAT, SIG 556 HOLO, SIG 556 DMR, SIG-Sauer SIG516 Gas Piston Rifle, SIG-Sauer SIG716 Tactical Patrol Rifle, Sauer SSG 3000 and SIG 50.
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