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2013 Springfield Pricing & Reference

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In this PDF download, find new and used Springfield gun prices, firearm values, grading and identification information. These priceless gun values data comes from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a trusted gun values guide featuring new and used firearm prices.

Models found in this Springfield firearm prices download include:

M1 Garand Rifle, Iwo Jima M1 Garand, M1A Basic Rifle, D-Day M1 Garand Limited Edition, M1A Standard Rifle, M1A-A1 Bush Rifle, M1A Scout Squad Rifle, M1A National Match, M1A Super Match, M1A Model 25 Carlos Hathcock, M21 Law Enforcement/Tactical Rifle, M1A SOCOM 16, M1A SOCOM II, M1A SOCOM Urban Rifle, IDF Mauser Rifle Model 66SP, SAR-48, SAR-4800, SAR-8, SAR-8 Tactical, M6 Scout, M6 Scout—Stainless Steel, M6 Scout Pistol, Model 1911-A1, Model 1911-A1 Service Model, Model 1911-A1 Service Mil-Spec, Model 1911-A1 Service Model Lightweight, Model 1911-A1 Stainless, Model 1911-A1 Factory Comp, Model 1911-A1 Factory Comp High Capacity, Model 1911-A2 S.A.S.S., Model 1911-A1 Defender, Model 1911-A1 Loaded Defender Lightweight, Model 1911-A1 Compact, Lightweight Compact Comp, Model 1911-A1 Compact Mil-Spec, Model 1911-A1 Long Slide, Model 1911-A1 Loaded Long Slide, Model 1911-A1 Champion, Model 1911-A1 Champion Mil-Spec, Model 1911-A1 Stainless Champion, Model 1911-A1 Loaded Champion Stainless, Champion Compact, Model 1911 Loaded Champion Lightweight, Ultra Compact 1911-A1, Ultra Compact Lightweight MD-1, Ultra Compact 1911-A1 Mil-Spec, V10 Ultra Compact 1911-A1, V10 Ultra Compact 1911-A1 Mil-Spec, Model 1911-A1 High Capacity, Compact High Capacity, Ultra Compact High Capacity, Micro Compact—Parkerized, Micro Compact—Stainless, Micro Compact—O.D. Green, Micro Compact—Black Stainless, Micro Compact Lightweight, Loaded Micro Compact Lightweight, Model 1911-A1 Mil-Spec Operator, Model 1911-A1 Loaded Operator, Combat Commander, Trophy Match, Loaded Leatham Trophy Match, 1911 GI Series, Model P9 Standard, Model P9 Factory Comp., Model P9 Ultra (IPSC Approved), Super Tuned Champion, Super Tuned V10, Super Tuned Standard, Armory Range Officer, Tactical Response Pistol (TRP), TRP Champion, TRP Pro, TRP Operator, Lightweight Operator, Lightweight Champion Operator, Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP), XD 4”, XD 4” Bi-Tone, XD V-10 Ported 4”, XD 5” Tactical, XD 5” Tactical Pro, XD 5” Bi-Tone Tactical, XD Sub-Compact, XD 45 ACP, TGO 1, TGO 2, TGO 3, XD(M), XDM-3.8, Custom Carry, Basic Competition Model, N.R.A. PPC, Trophy Master Expert Limited Class, Expert Pistol, Bureau Model 1911-A1, Springfield Formula Squirtgun, Bullseye Wadcutter, Trophy Master Distinguished Pistol, Distinguished Limited Class, CMC Formula Squirtgun, National Match Model, Competition Grade, A Model Master Grade Competition Pistol, Model B-1 Master Grade Competition Pistol, High Capacity Full-House Race Gun, Night Light Standard, Night Light Compact, Night Compact, Omega, XD Custom Pro and XD Carry Pro.

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