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2013 Walther Pricing & Reference

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Found in this PDF download are new and used gun prices for Walther firearms. It also includes grading, identification and firearm values information on a number of Walther models. The firearm pricing data come from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a firearm price guide offering new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Walther gun values download include:

Model 1, Model 2, Model 3, Model 4, Model 5, Model 6, Model 7, Model 8, Model 9, Sport Model 1926/ Walther Hammerless Target 22/Walther Standard Sport/ Walther 1932 Olympia/ Sport Model Target/ Special Stoeger Model, Walther 1936 Olympia, Model MP, Model AP, Model PP, Model PPK, Model PP Mark II, Model PP Manurhin, Model PP Sport Manurhin, Model PP Sport C Manurhin, Model PP Sport Walther, Model PP 50th Anniversary Commemorative Model, Model PPK Mark II, Model PPK Manurhin, Model PPK 50th Anniversary Commemorative Model, Model PPK American, Model PPK/S, Model PPK/S American, Model TP, Model TPH, Model TPH American, Model PP Super, Model P.38, Model P.38K, Model P.38 II, Model P.38 IV, Model PP Limited Edition, Model PPK/E—Walther USA, Model PPK, Model PPK/S, Model PPS, Seventy-fifth Anniversary PPK, Model P5, Model P5 Compact, Model P5 One Hundred Year Commemorative, Model P88, Model P88 Compact, Model P99, Model P99 Compact AS/QA, Model P990, Model P99 QPQ, Model P990 QPQ, Model P99 QA, Model P99 Military, Model P99 La Chasse DU, Model P99 La Chasse, Model P99 Commemorative, Walther PPQ, Model P22 Standard, Model P22 Target, Model FP, Model GSP, Model GSP-C, Model OSP, Free Pistol, Model R99, Model SP22-M1, Model SP22-M2, Model SP22-M3, Model SP22-M4, Model B, Olympic Single-Shot, Model V, Model V Champion, Model KKM International Match, Model KKM-S, Model KKW, Model KKJ Sporter, Model KKJ-MA, Model KKJ-HO, Model SSV Varmint, Model UIT BV Universal, Model UIT Match, GX 1, Prone Model 400, Model KK/MS Silhouette, Running Boar Model 500, Model WA-2000, Model G22, Model SF and Model SFD.

SKU U7340
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