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2013 Whitney Arms Pricing & Reference

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Find new and used Whitney Arms Company gun prices in this PDF download. It also includes grading, identification and firearm values information. These gun pricing resources come from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a gun price guide offering new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Whitney gun prices download include:

Eli Whitney Sr. Armory Muskets 1798-1824. 1798 U.S. Contract Muskets Types I-IV, Whitney Connecticut New York and U.S. 1812 Contract Muskets, Whitney (and P. & E.W. Blake) U.S. M1816/1822 Contract Muskets, Whitney Armory U.S. M1816/M1822 Muskets Flintlock or Altered to Percussion and Adapted with Sea Fencible Heavy Buttplates, Whitney Armory U.S. M1816/M1822 Muskets Altered to Percussion, Whitney Armory Muskets 1825-1842, Eli Whitney, Jr. Armory Rifles and Rifle-Muskets 1842-1865, Whitney U.S. M1841 Contract Rifle (unaltered), Whitney U.S. M1841/1855 Contract Rifle Adapted to Saber Bayonet and Long Range Sights, Whitney U.S. M1841 Contract Rifles Adapted to Saber Bayonets and Long Range Rear Sights (Colt 1862 Adaptation), Whitney South Carolina Contract M1841 Rifle, Whitney Good and Serviceable M1841 Derivatives, Whitney M1842 Rifled Musket Derivative, Whitney P1853 Long Enfield Rifle-Musket Derivative, Whitney P1853 Short Enfield Rifle Derivative, Whitney M1855 Rifle Derivative, Whitney M1855 Rifle-Musket Derivative, Whitney M1861 Connecticut Contract Rifle-Musket Derivative, Whitney High Humpback Lockplate M1861 Rifle-Musket Derivative, Whitney Manton M1861 Rifle-Musket Derivative, Whitney Direct Vent M1861 Rifle-Musket Derivatives, Whitney U.S. M1861 Contract Rifle-Musket, Whitney U.S. Navy Contract Rifle, Single Barreled Percussion Shotgun, Double-Barreled Percussion Shotgun, Swing-Breech Carbine, Whitney-Cochran Carbine, Excelsior, Whitney-Howard Lever Action (Thunderbolt), Whitney Phoenix, Whitney-Laidley Model I Rolling Block, Whitney-Remington Model 2 Rolling Block, Whitney-Burgess-Morse Rifle, Whitney-Kennedy Rifle, Hooded Cylinder Pocket Revolver, Two Trigger Pocket Revolver, Whitney-Beals Patent Revolver, Whitney 1851 Navy, Whitney Navy Revolver, Whitney Pocket Revolver, New Model Pocket Revolver and Rimfire Pocket Revolver.

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