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Gun Digest Cartridge & Ammo Essentials

Format: Paperback

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Whether it's ballistics data you're after to help choose the right cartridge for the job, cartridge design and load data to assist you in wildcatting efforts, or simply an interest in the history and evolution of cartridges, this one-of-a-kind value pack is the perfect choice.

This month's limited-edition Gun Digest Cartridge & Ammo Essentials pack features items from the September Product Partner Cartridges of the World, and includes:

Cartridges of the World
Cartridges of the World, 13th Ed.
When it come to cartridges there’s nothing as complete, as thorough or as fascinating as Cartridges of the World. Packed with detailed descriptions, historical facts and load data for hundreds of factory produced and wildcat cartridges, from around the world. this book is in a league all it’s own. Plus this new edition includes a bonus CD, with details of more obsolete and obscure cartridges, not featured in the book. RETAIL: $34.99

Ammo Encyclopedia
Ammo Encyclopedia (not sold separately at Gun Digest Store)
This new 4th edition contains nearly 1,000 pages more than previous editions, each with extensive ballistics details for most popular rimfire and centerfire rifles. This new edition of Ammo Encyclopedia is a great companion to Cartridges of the World. RETAIL: $34.95

The Cartridge Comparison Guide
Cartridge Comparison Guide
This top-selling cartridge book joins Cartridges of the World and the Ammo Encyclopedia to complete the trio of resources for anyone with an interest in cartridges. With an extensive comparison of every factory caliber for rifles and handguns, this book really helps you to understand cartridge performance capabilities. RETAIL: $28.95

American Standard Bullet Poster

American Standard Bullet Poster
This is the perfect “pin up” if you have an appreciation for cartridge, and its even a form of art you can use. Each of the 220 cartridges and 9 shotshell photographs are life size, and displayed in unparalleled detailed color photographs. From prime hunting and historically-celebrated cartridges to military and handgun cartridges, this poster is must. RETAIL: $12.99

American Standard Bullet Poster
Big Bore Bullet Poster
This poster is a superb companion to the American Standard Bullet Poster and one that really rounds out this Cartridges & Ammo Essentials pack. It features 215 rifle cartridges – all full color and actual size, with wildcats next to factory made. RETAIL: $12.99

Gun Digest 1971  25th Annual Edition (Digital Download)
Gun Digest 1971 25th Annual Edition (Digital Download)
This silver anniversary edition of the legendary Gun Digest series is packed with impressive feature articles, new model information about handguns, rifles and shotguns, as well as extensive details about ammunition and cartridges.. RETAIL: $9.99

Gun Digest 1996 50th Anniversary Edition (Digital Download)

Gun Digest 1996, 50th Annual Edition (Digital Download)
(Not yet sold separately) This 50th anniversary edition of the history-making Gun Digest series contains various feature articles with various cartridge-focused, written by leading gun writers of that time. This digital download is in a PDF and is accessible with PC and Mac systems. RETAIL: $9.99

SKU U3927
Format Paperback

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