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The Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry Holsters

By Corey Graff

Format: eBook

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You’ll find this guide useful if:

  • You are new to concealed carry and you want to understand the basic concepts behind holsters
  • You are interested in exploring different methods of carry and the situations they are beneficial
  • You are at any skill level and want to learn more about concealed carry holster options

Next to the handgun itself, the holster is among the most important elements of concealed carry. It is also one of the most overlooked and confusing. The Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry Holsters demystifies this vital self-defense accessory and sets you on the road to making an informed purchase.

The guide covers the full array of CCW holsters available on the market today, helping you understand the pros and cons of each. You will find out if a shoulder holster is the solution you are looking for or if you are better off sticking with a good-old belt holster. In addition to holster models, modes of carry, gun placement and holster ride are also explored. These are critical concepts that ensure a pistol or revolver can be quickly and safely presented when the need arises.

This guide delves into many other important holster and concealed carry fundamentals—whether you’re new to concealed carry or have been armed for years. No matter your skill level, after reading this download you’ll know which holster to reach for when you’re ready to carry.

From the Author

Congratulations. You've completed your concealed weapons class and have your permit. Now you're ready to go to the local gun shop and pick out that one perfect pistol for self-defense. So far, so good.

However, if you're like most folks, you didn't think much about how you'll actually carry the thing around. This can lead to an uncomfortable exchange with the bespectacled gun-counter guy. If your experience is anything like mine, he'll look down his nose at you while a little drop of white spittle forms at the corner of his mouth. You'll ask which holster he recommends. And he'll sneer.

Instead, he'll point and make a strange grunting noise, which will seem to direct you to the holster section. Puzzled, you'll wander over and stare at a wall of holsters. They'll stare back. Now what? I hope this guide helps with the decision.

SKU T6420
Author/Speaker/Editor Corey Graff
File Type PDF
Format eBook

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