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Concealed Carry

What’s the best concealed carry gun? How about the best holster to put it in and what are the best practices to draw your gun from it? How many spare magazines should you carry, how do you use cover to your advantage, what shooting positions are the best to practice, and just what do the concealed carry laws where you live and travel mean to you? We have the answer to those very important questions and more right here. With expert analyses of tactics, gear, guns, and mindset, the Gun Digest concealed carry books, DVDs, downloads and other resources help keep you prepared and your loved ones safe in our ever changing world.

A great place to start is our article on How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Gun, which offers great tips on making your first concealed carry purchase. And don't forget our tips on choosing the best home defense gun to ensure your home is secure as well.

Glock Owners:Make sure your Glock is ready for a threat by cleaning and maintaining it. Learn the basics in our article Glock Handguns: Know Your Pistol Inside and Out.

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