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Defend Yourself

A Comprehensive Security Plan for the Armed Homeowner

By Rob Pincus

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You’ll benefit from this home defense guide if:

  • You’ve purchased firearms for home defense and protection
  • You want practical guidance on home security and defense
  • You want to ensure you'll be ready to execute learned home defense principles should a home invasion occur

Defend Yourself by Rob Pincus is the most complete and practical guide to home defense available today. Drawing from experience helping law enforcement, military, private security and people just like you understand how to protect themselves or others, Rob Pincus presents detailed information about planning for, training for and, ultimately, defending yourself and your family from a violent predator inside your home. Though there is a focus on armed defense, fundamentals of security, evasion, barricading, and non-lethal defensive actions are also covered. Pincus stresses the importance of being safe and secure inside your own home, regardless of whether or not you choose to utilize a firearm for protection. Because this book is concept and principle based, the information provided can be practically applied to any home, apartment, or workplace, and any family size or budget.

Begin with the tactics necessary for survival if and when a home invasion occurs. Explore the importance of practicing home invasion response drills for ensured preparation should an actual event occur, basic survival fundamentals, how defense principles should be adapted based on the layout of your home, and more. Find out how choosing to utilize a firearm for protection fits into the basics of home defense, as well as which types of guns apply to different survival situations. Even if you do choose to use a firearm for protection, introduce yourself to the ways you can add additional security to your home, just in case. Finally, learn principles of reality-based training, so you really know what to do in the moment should a home invasion occur. Whether you live alone, with roommates or family, occupy and apartment, own a house, or want to use a gun for protection or not, discover the crucial fundamentals of protecting your home and loved ones.

In Defend Yourself you’ll find:

  • Clear categories of information that address specific actions you can take to be safer and better prepared
  • Information that goes beyond the “guns and tactics” approach that many books and training courses offer on this subject
  • Forewords from authors Massad Ayood and Brad Thor

A word from the author:

“If you have not yet made the choice to have a fi rearm, or several, staged for the defense of your home or family, this information will be instrumental in your decision of whether or not you should.” —Rob Pincus

About the author:

Rob Pincus has nearly 20 years of experience as a security consultant and 11 years as an instructor covering home defense and related topics. Pincus has written scores of articles for over a dozen print publications and has authored four books. He has produced over 70 training DVDs for the Personal Defense Network with over four million copies distributed, primarily through the NRA. He has also appeared on more than 30 TV programs and news shows.


Foreword: Massad Ayoob
Foreword: Brad Thor
Part I: Home Invasion: Tactics to Survive
Part II: Hardware and Other Considerations
Part III: Reality-Based Training

SKU GROUP-U7396-U7398
Author/Speaker/Editor Rob Pincus
ISBN 13 9781440238314
Number Of Pages 256
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