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Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

Progressive, Practical Revolver Training

By Grant Cunningham

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If you think semi-autos are the only choice for defense, think again. The revolver is the original defensive firearm, and its advantages make it an excellent option for defensive shooting. Revolvers are extremely reliable, work even when very dirty, are ambidextrous, and are dead simple to operate. Defensive Revolver Fundamentals is your complete guide to this venerable firearm, written by gunsmith and Combat Focus® Shooting instructor Grant Cunningham.

You’ll learn:

  • The advantages of revolvers in defensive shooting
  • Best ways to carry a concealed revolver
  • How to reload a revolver under stress
  • Best defenses against violent, surprise attacks
  • Dealing with multiple aggressors
  • How your body’s natural reactions influence how and what you should train
  • Much more

‘Six For Sure’ is a phrase you can live by. Literally. Defensive Revolver Fundamentals is the progressive, practical training guide to the revolver, and is an indispensable reference for anyone who wants to use a six-shooter for concealed carry or home defense.

“The defensive revolver isn’t an antiquated afterthought. It is a legitimate option that deserves a progressive and practical training approach, which is exactly what Grant presents in this book.”

- Rob Pincus, I.C.E. Training Company

About the Author:

Grant Cunningham is a world-renowned revolver gunsmith and certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor. He is the author of Gun Digest Book of the Revolver and Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Handguns. Grant’s superb firearms writing has also been published in Concealed Carry Magazine, on the Personal Defense Network, and

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Author/Speaker/Editor Grant Cunningham
ISBN 13 9781440236952
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