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Extreme Self-Defense

Format: DVD

SKU# W5259

In a world where everyone is vulnerable to a terrorist attack, you need the best self-defense system you can get. Vince Morris, 7th Dan in karate and expert in kyusho-jitsu (the Japanese/Okinawan equivalent of dim mak), has distilled his knowledge into a self-defense system specifically designed to defeat armed attackers. In this video, Morris first explains the reality of edged-weapon attacks and shows you the most effective methods of defeating a knife-wielding attacker. He then explodes the myths about firearm disarming and shows how you can turn the tables on attackers armed with handguns, rifles and shotguns. All the techniques in this video were developed specifically for use in confined areas by unarmed personnel.
SKU W5259
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Format DVD

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This product ships from Paladin Press

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