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Glock Handguns: Know Your Pistol Inside and Out

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Basic Glock handgun maintenance, cleaning and disassembly

By Corey Graff, Online Editor


 glock handgun, how to clean a glock, best glock handgun

The Glock handgun is renown for its reliability. The gun will take care of you, so take care of it by learning how to fully disassemble and clean it.

A decade came and went before I first fully disassembled the Glock. Mine ran flawlessly the entire time with minimal routine field strip and cleaning. That’s how Glocks roll.

If you own and shoot Glock handguns you know these pistols — which were originally designed for simple, flawless operation by the Austrian military — seem to run forever and ever no matter what condition they’re in. Even so, you still need to know how to clean and maintain your Glock (if for no other reason than to keep the 1911 guys from getting too jealous).


How to Clean a Glock

Disassembling a Glock handgun for cleaning is a cinch: Simply release the trigger (double check that the gun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction). Manually move the slide rearward just slightly about 1/16” with one hand, while pulling downward on the slide lock tabs.

With the tabs held down, move the slide forward and off it comes. Simple. Fast. Easy. Now the barrel and recoil assembly will come right out.

The Glock reassembly procedure is basically the same, without the need to pull down on the slide lock tabs: Just reassemble the slide (drop in the Glock barrel and Glock spring assembly) and guide the slide back onto the frame.

If you want to upgrade to Trijicon night sights, get a good Glock Assembly/Disassembly DVD for the sight swap procedure. While you might not feel the need to get more instruction on how to clean a Glock, a full detail strip and cleaning is a good idea at least once a year. A basic field strip and cleaning after practice is recommended.

 cleaning a glock, glock handgun prices, how to shoot a glock, cleaning a glock 19

The genius of the Glock handgun is its simplicity, making it a great starter pistol for beginners.

Cleaning a Glock 17 is the same as any other Glock. Don’t overdo the gun oil. Glocks are actually designed to run best without oil — or with very minimal lubrication in key areas — so don’t feel you need to baby it like a 1911 or Browning Hi-Power.


Glock Handguns: Which is the Best?

The Glock 9mm handgun is exactly the same cleaning and maintenance procedure as the Glock 40 caliber handgun.

Whichever you think is the best Glock handgun is up to you, but the beauty of the design is that mastering the field and detail strip procedure on one model makes you an expert on all of them.

You already know how to shoot a Glock. And it will work reliably when needed. Now take some time to get the resources for Glock disassembly and maintenance. Your Glock will take care of you — return the favor and take care of it.




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Corey Graff is the Online Editor for His personal interest in firearms includes handguns for hunting and self-defense as well as guns from the World War II era.