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Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Handguns

By Grant Cunningham

Format: Paperback

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From renowned revolversmith, writer, and self defense trainer Grant Cunningham, Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Handguns, one of the most comprehensive handgun books anywhere. It gives readers the facts they need to choose your handgun, select ammunition, shoot effectively, and take care of their investment - all in an easy-to-read, no nonsense format. This book is for all beginning shooters and handgun enthusiasts, and advanced shooters will appreciate its no-nonsense, sourcebook style.


  • No-nonsense, sourcebook style features tables, illustrations and up-to-date ballistics data charts
  • For readers interested in concealed carry, hunting, plinking, or competition, this book provides the latest trends in handguns, loads and optics
  • Handgun shooting tips: Learn proper handgun techniques for shooting a handgun
  • Tons of revolver and pistol cleaning insights
  • Discover how to evaluate the condition of a handgun to determine accurate gun prices
  • Explore handgun designs before buying concealed carry clothing

Read an Excerpt: Buying a Used Revolver

How to buy a used revolver

Begin by looking at the general condition of the gun. Look for rust in the barrel or chambers and on the exterior surfaces. Look at the condition of the screw heads; if they’re damaged, it may indicate that there is internal damage as well. (If someone was so inept that the relatively simple exterior screws were damaged, there’s no telling what may have happened to the more delicate interior mechanisms.)

Look at the seams where the sideplate is fitted. On a Colt or Dan Wesson, the sideplate is on the left side of the gun; on a Smith & Wesson, Taurus, and most other double actions it’s on the right side. Look for any gaps in the seam; there should be none. The sideplates are normally fitted very tightly, and a gap may indicate a frame that was bent or has experienced damage from over-pressure ammunition.

Rugers don’t have sideplates; instead the triggerguard carries most of the lockwork, and is removed by pulling down and out of the frame. There is a seam that is just above the trigger which follows the contours of the triggerguard; it too should have little to no gap.

Take a look at the muzzle and check to make sure that the crown is in good condition. The crown should be even and free from nicks and burrs. The other end of the barrel, called the breech end, has a slightly tapered entry called the forcing cone. This end of the barrel should be square and clean. Be sure to check for cracking in this area, which makes the gun un-shootable and can be expensive to correct.

About the Author

Grant Cunningham is a world-renowned revolver gunsmith and certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor, experienced teaching general handgun self-defense and revolver-specific courses. His articles have been published in Concealed Carry Magazine, on the Personal Defense Network website, and on his popular website,

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SKU V9633
Additional Feature 300 Black & White Illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Grant Cunningham
File/Trim Size 6 x 9
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440232725
Number Of Pages 256

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