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Gunsmithing the AR-15 Volume 2

By Patrick Sweeney

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You’ll enjoy this AR-15 guide if:

  • You read and enjoyed Gunsmithing – The AR-15
  • You’re an AR-15 owner and want current information on your firearm
  • You’re interested in the accessories available for the AR-15

Gunsmithing – The AR-15 Volume 2 by Patrick Sweeney takes everything that made the first edition fantastic, and adds even more details and information. You’ll not only learn about the operation of the AR-style rifle, but you’ll also find out how to perform simple maintenance and repair in order to extend the life of your firearm, and save on trip to the gunsmith. Discover how to make your AR-15 reliable, accurate, properly sighted-in, and a firearm with all the parts and accessories tightly attached.

In addition to learning how to ensure the prime care and maintenance of your rifle, explore the numerous AR-15 accessories available in the aftermarket, as well as how to install these additions. Also provided are field-stripping instructions, illustrated disassembly instructions, exploded gun drawings and photos, and more. Take advantage of the range of topics covered in this edition, and learn even more about the highly-demanded AR-style rifle!

In Gunsmithing – The AR-15 Volume 2 you’ll find:

  • 350 detailed photos
  • Well-illustrated examples with simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions
  • Topics including essential tools, disassembly & cleaning, zeroing, troubleshooting, and more

A word from the author:

“If you are simply looking for info on how to keep your AR-15 running, how to de-bug it if it gets to acting cranky, or need to set right some minor error that the factory/builder didn’t tend to, this is the book for you.” –Patrick Sweeney

About the author:

Patrick Sweeney is a certified master gunsmith, film consultant, certified armorer instructor for police departments nationwide, author of many of Gun Digest Books’ best-selling titles, and Handguns Editor for America’s largest general-circulation shooting magazine, Guns & Ammo.


Chapter 1: Terminology
Chapter 2: Essential Tools
Chapter 3: Mil Spec
Chapter 4: Field Strip
Chapter 5: Complete Disassembly
Chapter 6: Field Cleaning
Chapter 7: Complete Cleaning
Chapter 8: Inspection
Chapter 9: Lubricants
Chapter 10: Zeroing
Chapter 11: Test & Learn
Chapter 12: Spares & Emergencies
Chapter 13: Troubleshooting & Clearing
Chapter 14: Did You Buy a Good Rifle?
Chapter 15: How to Stay Legal

SKU GROUP-U7714-U7718
Author/Speaker/Editor Patrick Sweeney
ISBN 13 9781440238482
Number Of Pages 256
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Gunsmithing the AR-15 Volume 2

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Gunsmithing the AR-15 Volume 2 (Digital Download)

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