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Hi-Slip Grease 2 oz. Jar

Format: Knives & Accessories

SKU# U2124

Don’t let your gun rust! Be sure to own this waterproofing grease & gun lubricant.

You’ll love this gun lubricant if:

  • You would like to avoid rust, even in saltwater
  • You want to prevent galling on many types of metals including stainless steel, blued metal, titanium and aluminum

Hi-Slip Grease 2 oz. Jar is a breakthrough firearm lubricant that was created by a synthetic blend that exceeds mil-specs for moly grease. This firearm lubricant and cleaner, prevents corrosion from salt water, powder residue, and galling on all types of metal. If you want smooth gun actions, easier lock-up lugs, and prevents rust, this gun lubricant is right for you.

SKU U2124
Shipping This product ships from Sentry Solutions
File/Trim Size 1.75 x 2
Format Knives & Accessories

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This product ships from Sentry Solutions

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