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Leatherwood M1000 ART Scope Model # - ART2510X44

SKU# V9671

Take the Math and Guesswork Out of Long-Range Scopes

Vietnam War Sniper Scope Autoranges, Corrects - Simply Aim & Fire from 100 to 1000 Yards!

You'll Love This If:

  • You want to be able to shoot to 1000 yards but don't want to learn complex calculations
  • You need a long-range rifle scope for hunting, to quickly range and target an animal in seconds
  • You want a super-fast, super-easy auto-ranging scope to make long-range shooting fun
  • You're looking for the best long-range scope for the money

The Leatherwood ART (Auto Ranging & Trajectory) M1000 scope makes long-distance shooting simple. Simply place the reticle on the target. Use the brackets on the reticle to frame an 18-inch or 1 meter target (i.e. the 18" height of a buck's chest cavity) by zooming in to an area of known size. Aim and shoot. It all takes less than 5 seconds, and the shooter's eye never leaves the scope. The scope automatically ranges the target and compensates for bullet trajectory for distances of 250 to 1,000 meters. This means no holdover or guesswork.

This makes the Leatherwood M1000 one of the best hunting scopes on the market. It's also ideal for shooting competitors in need of a trusted long-range rifle scope.

You'll Get:

  • Fast hits on targets at unknown ranges out to 1,000 yards
  • A lightning-fast big game hunting scope for those really long shots
  • A fun scope to introduce new shooters to the long-distance challenge


  • New generation 2.5-10x44mm ART (Auto Ranging Trajectory) system
  • Adjustable cam for just about any centerfire rifle cartridge – from .223 to .50 BMG
  • 6 Easy access locking screws make changes quick and easy

Military Technology. Ideal for Sportsmen.

Leatherwood M1000

What The Experts are Saying

" takes all the computations necessary for range acquisition and bullet drop compensation off the shooter’s plate and does them automatically. It’s a load off the shoulders. And best of all, your eye never has to leave the scope: You can literally engage any number of targets from close up to 1000 yards (1200 yards with the M-1200 version) with a simple turn of the knob." - Corey Graff, Tactical & Military Arms Blog, Click here to read the review

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SKU V9671
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