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Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis

By Michael E. Wood

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You’ll Love This Resource If:

  • You heard about the Newhall shooting and want the details
  • You're an armed citizen or cop and want to learn from the shooting
  • You're a law enforcement or CCW trainer and want to improve your shooting lessons

An in-depth study of the 1970 Newhall shooting, in which four California Highway Patrolmen were slain, Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis details this watershed event. The tragic shooting spurred radical changes in law enforcement training and procedures throughout the nation. This resource offers the most critical, in depth analysis of the shooting to date, and explores the “lessons learned.” It challenges the notion that these lessons have been fully incorporated into American law enforcement training - unfortunately, they have not - and examines ways in which modern self-defense training can be improved so that the sacrifices of these valiant officers were not in vain.

You’ll Learn:

  • The most thoroughly researched and documented account of the shooting to date
  • Research conducted with primary sources—original documents and photographs, interviews with the actual participants
  • A detailed analysis of CHP training for gunfights
  • How a deficient training program can lead to unrecoverable errors in a violent encounter
  • Tactics and procedures used by officers and criminals in the fight

A Word From the Author:

""For the first time, the reader will be treated to a detailed analysis of the tactics and procedures used by officers and criminals in the fight. This makes the book unique in the field, because the only other books on the subject have not focused on this area.""— Michael E. Wood

Check Out This Free Excerpt:

""Meanwhile, Officer Gore turned away from the suspect he was searching, drew his revolver, and fired a single round of Remington-Peters .357 Magnum ammunition at Twining across the deck lid of the car. The shot went wide and missed Twining, striking the right rear window of a Ford Mustang parked in the restaurant parking lot and exiting out the rear window.

""With Officer Gore focused on the threat across the car, Davis had the opportunity to push back from the car, spin to his right, and pull a 2” Smith & Wesson Model 38 Bodyguard Airweight .38 Special revolver from his waistband (the same gun he had used to threaten the Tidwell’s, earlier). Davis shot the distracted officer twice in the chest at arm’s length, the bullets traveling from left front to right back. Like his hapless partner, academy classmate, and childhood friend, Officer Frago, Officer Gore was dead before he hit the ground.""

About the Author:

As the son of a California Highway Patrolman who was a contemporary of the slain officers in the famed 1970 Newhall shooting, Michael E. Wood grew up hearing about the event and its influence on the CHP and law enforcement community. That experience led to his authoring Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis arguably the most thoroughly researched and documented account of the shooting to date. He is a lifelong shooter and student of armed self-defense and a graduate of civilian self-defense training schools, including the Lethal Force Institute and The HALO Group. Wood is a military officer and pilot with 22 years of experience in operational environments, including combat operations, and is accustomed to analyzing events and deriving “lessons learned” for application in training and programs. He has been an Instructor Pilot in the U.S. Air Force for over 15 years, and a graduate of a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) program.


SKU GROUP-U3593-T1794
Author/Speaker/Editor Michael E. Wood
ISBN 13 9781440240997
Number Of Pages 256
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Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis Digital Download
Newhall Shooting: A Tactical Analysis

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A MUST READ for any Law Enforcement Officer Review by Paul

Have not seen too many books like this one! This is an incredible resource for all American law enforcement. This should be required reading for any police academy cadet ... and for in service training too. Author uses a very good construct, soundly rooted in military and law enforcement practices/methodologies to deconstruct the incident and develop the true lessons learned. Serves as a model for other studies to follow. Gripping read ... not dry or too academic.

(Posted on 1/22/2014)

Very Well Done... Excellent Analysis Review by John

Very well done and extensive discussion of the events leading up to and afterwards. Goes over the Police and their training, training that changed since, and many great insights. An important reminder of why we train and why understanding tactics and overall strategy is such a vital part of modern thought. Easy to read, filled with footnotes... for the novice up to the instructor.

(Posted on 12/22/2013)

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