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Shooters' Special Value Pack

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If you're looking to enjoy a little more target practice at the range, out on your back 40, or in a big open space somewhere, the time is right now, and Gun Digest designed just for you.

This month's limited-edition value pack is the Shooters' Special - a 7-item value package with products hand-picked by the experts of Gun Digest. Not only do you get gear you can take and use at the range or the place you do your target shooting, but the price you pay for this special package is what you'd pay for half the number of items you get with the Shooters' Special. See for yourself what items are included:

Sentry Solutions Field Grade Care Kit Sentry Solutions Field Grade Care Kit
This compact care kit is the perfect size to toss in your range bag, or in a backpack for other outdoor adventures. The revolutionary lubrication and cleaning products keep your firearms, knives and gear free from rust, grit-free and in top working condition. RETAIL: $24.99

GunMate Range Bag GunMate Range Bag (not sold separately at Gun Digest Store - only available in this value pack)
This durable and spacious range bag from GunMate is a popular choice among shooters across the country. It measures 16" wide x 8" high and 7" deep, which gives you a sizable main compartment that can hold two handguns, a scope, shooting glasses, ear protection, your ammo and the care kit. RETAIL: $33.95

The Complete Guide to 3-Gun The Complete Guide to 3-Gun
If you've ever longed to put your skills to the test in the high-octane world of 3-gun shooting competition, this book is for you. Not only will you gain a better understanding of the rules and contest of regular competition, the photographs and story-telling tone of this book is filled with excitement you can feel. RETAIL: $27.99

Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to the 1911

Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to the 1911
There's no question the popularity of the 1911 has only grown with time, and interest in this iconic firearm doesn't appear to be fading one bit; which is good news if youre a shooter. especially if you have this book in hand. You'll find tips, techniques and savvy shooting tactics for handling the 1911. RETAIL: $19.99

Stick-a-Bull Targets (5pk) Stick-A-bull Targets (5pk) (not sold separately at Gun Digest Store - only available in this value pack)
Gone are the days of having to bring along a staple gun whenever you were planning to do some target shooting. This 5-pack of Stick-A-Bull Targets includes the 12x12" targets that stick anywhere. Plus the included repair pasters can be used to mark the spot you're aiming for, or to repair bullet holes - to extend the length of use. RETAIL: $5.80

Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob Combat Shooting with Massad Ayoob
The information in this book can definitely help save your life if you're in a situation that demands quick and effective combat shooting techniques and mindset; but that's not the only help this book can provide. The training, mindset and lessons to be learned from three key gunfighters in history that are found in this book will serve you well.RETAIL: $24.99

Gun Digest Book of the .22

Gun Digest Book of the .22
The .22, it's the stuff shooters are made of, and learn from, and have fond memories of as time goes on. In this go-to guide you'll learn how to select the right .22 for the type of shooting you want to do, and how to maintain it for years of quality use. RETAIL: $19.99

SKU U4565
Format Collection
ISBN 13 9781440242625

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