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Springfield XD Sub Compact Black Leather Inside-the-Pants Holster

SKU# X7778P

If you've purchased a Springfield XD Sub Compact, you already made the decision to put comfort and performance at the top of your concealed carry needs. Here's a concealed carry holster to match your demanding criteria. The Springfield XD Sub Compact Black Leather Inside-the-Pants Holster offers smart features for concealed carry.

  • Set the holster's belt loop to the exact angle you require. This fine-tuning allows for more upper body stability while working the firearm in and out of the holster.
  • Another adjustment you can make is the tension-screw. It allows you to set the precise retention level you need. Don't rely on factory retention settings ever again.
  • The shirt shield is another smart component of this holster. It keeps clothing from becoming tangled in the holster. This increases comfort and prevents attention to a snagged crease of clothing. The last thing you need is to make your concealed carry weapon obvious.
  • BLACKHAWK! designed this holster to be versatile across any number of positions on the body. Unless you're getting really creative, this holster is going to find a comfortable spot on your body.
  • BLACKHAWK! also made a number of smart decisions to reduce overall bulk. Put this concealed carry holster up against any other model on the market. You'll notice the difference right away.
  • To top it off, a molded sight track offers an exceptionally smooth draw.
SKU X7778P
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