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Stay Alive!

Survival Skills You Need

By John D. McCann

Format: Paperback

You’ll Love This Book If:

  • You want expert advice on survival packs and kits
  • You want to learn practical self-sufficiency
  • You need a guide to survival gear

In Stay Alive! you’ll learn how to build a survival kit, organize your bug-out bag, or improvise solutions to deal with any unforeseen emergency. From survival kits and survival knife reviews, to food, water, shelter and first aid, survival instructor John D. McCann covers the basics other books of this stripe gloss over or assume you already know.

Chapters include The Survivor Mentality; The Indispensable Survival Kit; Knives & Tools for Survival; Fire & Light - Survival Assets; Shelter & Protection from the Elements; Water Collection & Purification; Signaling for Help; Navigate Your Way Back; Food to Sustain Energy and Wilderness Hazards & Safety.

In Stay Alilve! You’ll Learn:

  • Survival kit essentials
  • How to select the best survival tools
  • How to start a fire under any condition
  • How to build a shelter from the elements
  • How to purify water
  • Map reading and navigation and more!

And if you're looking for information on survival guns, don't forget to check out the Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns.

A Word From the Author:

"This book is not about primitive skills, wilderness living or long term survival in the wilderness. This book is not about advanced survival techniques or skills. This book is about teaching you how to survive a short term survival situation with the aid of a survival kit and the skills to use the kit effectively. These situations occur all the time..." — John D. McCann

Check Out This Free Excerpt From Stay Alive!:

Mini survival kits

Mini kits are the easiest to carry, so there is really no excuse not to carry one. On the other hand, they provide the least amount of survival equipment, especially shelter items. Therefore, select your components wisely, always going for the smallest sized items and multi-purpose features.

Mini kits can be packaged in any small container, from an Altoids tin to a flash drive case. If the container is small and will hold the items you want and still fit in a pocket or small area, you can make it work. You can also carry a mini kit in a small belt case and supplement it with shelter items or other larger items like a full size compass. You can carry it as is, or always remove the mini kit and stick it in your pocket. The photographs illustrate some of the various configurations you can come up with.

About the Author:

John D. McCann is the author of Build the Perfect Survival Kit and founder of Survival Resources, a specialized firm offering custom survival kits and survival skills courses.

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Additional Feature 300+ color photos
Author/Speaker/Editor John D. McCann
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