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Ultimate AR-15 Collection

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The Ultimate AR-15 Collection

Learn the ins and outs of the AR-15 rifle with vast selection of resources in this convenient collection. Whether you're new to this versatile firearm, or you've been an owner or collector for quite some time, among the seven included resources you'll find a wide range of applicable AR-15 information, from the rifle's history and reputation, to assembly/reassembly instructions, exploded gun drawings, accessory options, operation and maintenance advice, and much more.

Discover how to maintain, repair and accessorize your AR-style rifle with Gunsmithing the AR-15 Volumes 1 & 2, the latter of which is brand new, and adds even more depth to the topics discussed in the first volume. In addition to these two volumes you get all four volumes of the Gun Digest Book of the AR-15, which together offer seven years of expert coverage of the AR-15 from author Patrick Sweeney, providing plenty of photos, tips and techniques, variations, accessory options, and much more. On top of these two fantastic AR-15 series, you also get the new book Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to the AR-15.

Really get to know your AR-15 and how this rifle has evolved throughout the years with this in-depth collection. When you're done exploring all seven resources, you'll be ready to pursue all sorts of optimization options for your AR-15 rifle.

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Gunsmithing the AR-15

Designed to help you master everything you need to know about how to be a gunsmith for the AR-15, this book contains suggestions on how to assemble and disassemble the AR-15 along with simple maintenance for keeping your gun as good as new.

Gunsmithing the AR-15 Volume 2

Building on the information provided in Volume 1, this volume helps you discover how to make your AR-15 reliable, accurate, properly sighted-in, and a firearm with all the parts and accessories tightly attached.

The Gun Digest Book of the AR-15

Begin with the history and evolution of the AR-15, and transition into accessory and equipment options for the rifle, including ammunition, magazines, barrels, stocks, forearms, scopes, and more.

The Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Volume II

Patrick Sweeney offers even more tips, tricks and techniques about America's favorite "black rifle," the legendary AR-15. From the newest 6.8mm loads to the latest gee-whiz accessories, if it has to do with the AR-15, it's in this book!

The Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Volume 3

Start with the significance of the piston system in the AR and learn about different piston designs. Explore different manufacturers like H&K, Sun Devil, CMMG, and many more. Dive into the accessories and components available for America's favorite rifle, like calibers, magazines, and more.

The Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Volume 4

This newest edition provides helpful tips, tricks and techniques for operating, maintaining and accessorizing the AR-15. The AR-15 Gun Tests pit brand new AR-15 rifles against tough "Torture Test" conditions that include dirt, sand, mud, water, snow and ice - to see which rifles pass the test and which fail.

Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to the AR-15

From author Richard A. Mann, get a comprehensive and user-friendly look at "America's rifle," the ever-popular AR-15. Explore the history of the AR-15, get ammunition and customization suggestions, gather accuracy tips, and more. Ensure you know your AR-15 inside and out with helpful maintenance information, and ultimately discover the versatility of the popular rifle.

SKU T5239
Format Kit
ISBN 13 9781440243325

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