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Winchester Model 70 Assembly/Disassembly Instructions Download

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Rifle disassembly/reassembly has never been easier! Clean and maintain your Winchester Model 70 – yourself. This Centerfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly download makes it simple, thanks to author J.B. Wood's expertise, step-by-step instructions and crisp photography.

  • Detailed photos show field-stripping and disassembly steps in proper order clearly illustrating the parts involved and the simple tools used
  • Easy-to-understand text describes each step of disassembly and reassembly for the Winchester Model 70
  • Ideal for all skill levels—novice to expert

Note: These instructions also apply to the Winchester Model 70, Winchester Model 70 Featherweight, Winchester Model 70 H.B. Varmint, Winchester Model 70 Lightweight Carbine, Winchester Model 70 Lightweight Rifle, Winchester Model 70 Mannlicher, Winchester Model 70 Winlite, Winchester Model 70 Sporter, Winchester Model 70 Super Express, Winchester Model 70 Win-Tuff Featherweight, Winchester Model 70A, Winchester Model 670, Winchester Model 670 Carbine, Winchester Model 770, Winchester Ranger.

A Note on Reassembly:
Most of the firearms covered in this book can be reassembled by simply reversing the order of disassembly, carefully replacing the parts in the same manner they were removed. In a few instances, special instructions are required, and these are listed with each gun under "Reassembly Tips."

In certain cases, reassembly photos are also provided. If there are no special instructions or photos with a particular gun, you may assume that it can just be reassembled in reverse order. During disassembly, note the relationship of all parts and springs, and lay them out on the workbench in the order they were removed. By following this procedure you should have no difficulty.

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