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2013 Colt Pricing & Reference

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In this PDF download, you'll find firearm pricing, gun values, firearm identification and grading information for Colt. It's excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Models covered in this download include:

Pocket or Baby Paterson Model No. 1, Belt Model Paterson No. 2, Belt Model Paterson No. 3, Ehlers Model Pocket Paterson, Ehlers Belt Model Paterson, Texas Paterson Model No. 5, First Model Ring Lever Rifle, Second Model Ring Lever Rifle, Model 1839 Shotgun, Model 1839 Carbine, Model 1839/1850 Carbine, Model 1854 Russian Contract Musket, Walker Model Revolver, Civilian Walker Revolver, Whitneyville Hartford Dragoon, Walker Replacement Dragoon, First Model Dragoon, Second Model Dragoon, Third Model Dragoon, Hartford English Dragoon, Model 1848 Baby Dragoon, Model 1849 Pocket Revolver, London Model 1849 Pocket Revolver, Model 1851 Navy Revolver, Martial Model, Shoulder Stock Variations, London Model 1851 Navy Revolver, Model 1855 Side Hammer “Root” Pocket Revolver, Model 1855 Sporting Rifle, 1st Model, Model 1855 1st Model Carbine, Model 1855 Half Stock Sporting Rifle, Model 1855 Full Stock Military Rifle, Model 1855 Full Stock Sporting Rifle, Model 1855 Revolving Carbine, Model 1855 Artillery Carbine, Model 1855 British Carbine, Model 1855 Revolving Shotgun, Model 1861 Single-Shot Rifled Musket Production Model, Model 1860 Army Revolver, Civilian Model, Full Fluted Cylinder Model, Model 1861 Navy Revolver, Model 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver, Model 1862 Police Revolver - Standard Production Model, Thuer Conversion Revolver, Richards Conversion 1860 Army Revolver, Richards-Mason Conversion 1860 Army Revolver, Richards-Mason Conversions 1851 Navy Revolver, Richards-Mason Conversion 1861 Navy Revolver, Model 1862 Police and Pocket Navy Conversions, Model 1871-1872 Open Top Revolver, First Model Derringer, Second Model Derringer, Third Model Derringer, House Model Revolver, Open Top Pocket Revolver, New Line Revolver .22, New Line Revolver .30, New Line Revolver .32, New Line Revolver .38, New Line Revolver .41, New House Model Revolver, New Police Revolver, Colt Single-Action Army Revolver, 1st Year Production “Pinched Frame” 1873 Only, Early Military Model 1873-1877, Early Civilian Model 1873-1877, .44 Rimfire Model 1875-1880, Late Military Model 1878-1891, Artillery Model 1895-1903, London Model, Frontier Six-Shooter 1878-1882, Sheriff’s or Storekeeper’s Model 1882-1898, Flattop Target Model 1888-1896, Bisley Model 1894-1915, Bisley Model Flattop Target 1894-1913, Standard Civilian Production Models 1876-1898, Colt Pre-War Single-Action Army Revolver, Colt Post-War Single-Action Army Revolver, Colt Third Generation Single-Action Army, Colt Recent Production Single-Action Army Revolver, Colt Scout, Berdan Single-Shot Rifle, Colt-Franklin Military Rifle, Colt-Burgess Lever-Action Rifle, Lightning Slide-Action Medium-Frame, Lightning Slide-Action Small-Frame, Lightning Slide-Action Large-Frame (Express), Model 1878 Double-Barrel Shotgun, Model 1883 Double-Barrel Shotgun, Double-Barrel Rifle, Model 1877 “Lightning” and “Thunderer”, Model 1878 “Frontier”, Model 1902 (Philippine or Alaskan Model), Model 1889 Navy—Civilian Model, Model 1889 U.S. Navy—Martial Model, Model 1892 “New Army and Navy”—Civilian Model, Model 1892 U.S. Navy—Martial Model, Model 1905 Marine Corps, New Service Model, Shooting Master #333000-350000, New Pocket Model, Pocket Positive, Army Special Model, New Police Model, Police Positive, Police Positive Target, Police Positive Special, Police Positive Special Mark V, Officer’s Model Target 1st Issue, Officer’s Model Target 2nd Issue, Camp Perry Single-Shot, Officer’s Model Match, Official Police, Commando Model, Marshall Model, Colt .38 SF-VI, Colt .38 SF-VI Special Lady, Detective Special 1st Issue / 2nd Issue, Detective Special 3rd Issue, Detective Special II (DS-II), Colt Magnum Carry, Banker’s Special, Cobra 1st Issue, Cobra 2nd Issue, Agent 1st Issue, Border Patrol, Agent L.W. 2nd Issue, Aircrewman Special, Courier, Trooper, Colt .357 Magnum, Diamondback, Viper, Python, Python Elite, Python .38 Special, Python Hunter, Metropolitan MK III, Lawman MK III, Lawman MK V, Trooper MK III, Trooper MK V, Boa, Peacekeeper, King Cobra, Anaconda, Model 1900, Model 1902 Sporting Pistol, Model 1902 Military Pistol, Model 1903 Pocket Hammer Pistol, Model 1903 Hammerless, .32 Pocket Pistol (Model M), Model 1908 Hammerless .380 Pocket Pistol, Model 1908 Hammerless .25 Vest Pocket Model, Model 1905 .45 Automatic Pistol, Colt 1911, Early Colt “1911 Commercial Government Model”, Standard Colt “1911 Commercial Model” with Un-numbered Slide, Standard Colt “1911 Commercial Government Model” with Numbered Slide, Colt “1911 Commercial Government Model” Argentine Contracts, Colt “1911 Commercial Government Model” Russian Order, Colt “1911 Commercial Government Model” Canadian Contract, Colt “1911 Commercial Government Model” British Contract, Norwegian Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk Pistol Model 1912, Norwegian Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk Pistol Model 1914, Norwegian Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk Model 1914 (Copy), Model 1911 U.S. Military Series, Pre-WWII Colt 1911A1 Commercial Government Model, Standard Colt “1911A1 Commercial Government Model” Domestic Sales, Standard Colt “1911A1 Commercial Government Model” Export Sales, Argentine Colt-made 1911A1 model pistols without Swartz safeties, Colt National Match Caliber .45 Pre-WWII, Swartz Safeties Pre-WWII, Argentine Contract Pistols, “Military to Commercial Conversions”, Super .38 1929 Model Pre-WWII, Super Match .38 1935 Model Pre-WWII, Model 1911A1 U.S. Military Series, Colt 1911A1 Post-WWII Commercial, Ace Model .22 Pistol, Pre-1945 Service Model Ace .22 R. F. Pistol, Service Model Ace-Post-War, Military National Match .45 Pistols, Conversion Units .22-.45 .45-.22, Military National Match .45 Pistols, Military National Match Pistols (Drake Slide), Gold Cup National Match (pre-Series 70), Gold Cup MKIII National Match, Colt 1911A1 AMU (Army Marksmanship Unit), Argentine D.G.F.M., Argentine-Made Ballester Molina, Brazilian Models 1911A1, MKIV Series 70 Government Model, MKIV Series 70 Gold Cup National Match, Series 70 Gunsite Pistol, Series 70 Gunsite Pistol Commander, Colt Enhanced Government Models, Colt Commander Series, Combat Commander, MK IV Series 80 Government Model, Colt 1991A1, M1991A1 Commander, M1991A1 Compact, MK IV Series 80 Gold Cup National Match, Officer’s ACP, Lightweight Officer’s ACP, Concealed Carry Officer’s Model, Delta Gold Cup, Delta Elite, Combat Elite, Combat Target Model, Combat Target Combat Commander, Combat Target Officer’s ACP, Special Combat Government, Colt Special Combat Government Carry Model, Colt O-Model Government (01070XS), Colt O-Model Concealed Carry Officer’s (09850XS), XSE Series Model O Pistols, Colt O-Model Commander (04012XS), Colt O-Model Lightweight Commander (04860XS), 1991 Series Model O Pistols, Colt O-Model Government Matte (01991), Colt O-Model Government Stainless (01091), Colt O-Model Commander Stainless (04091U), Colt O-Model Commander (04691), Colt O-Model Gold Cup, Colt Defender, Colt Defender Model O (07000D), 1911 – WWI Replica, 1911 - WWI 1918 Replica, 1911A1 - WWII Replica, Colt New Agent Double Action Only, Colt Model 1991 DAO, Colt Model 1911 100th Anniversary Series, Colt Government Model 1911 .22 LR Series, Colt Concealed Carry, New Agent, Colt Rail Gun, Double Eagle, Double Eagle Officer’s Model, Double Eagle Combat Commander, Double Eagle First Edition, .38 Super (2006), Pocket Nine, Tac Nine, Mustang, Mustang PocketLite, Government Pocketlite LW, Mustang Plus II, Colt Pony, Colt Pony PocketLite, .380 Series 80 Government Model, Colt Woodsman, Colt CZ40, Colt Model 2000, Colt .22 Rimfire Semi-Automatic Pistols, Woodsman Target, Woodsman Sport, Woodsman Match Target, Military Woodsman Match Target, Woodsman Target 6” barrel, Woodsman Sport 4.5” barrel, Woodsman Match Target 6” barrel, Woodsman Match Target 4.5” barrel, Challenger 4.5” barrel, Challenger 6” barrel, Woodsman Target 6” barrel, Woodsman Sport 4.5” barrel, Woodsman Match Target 6” barrel, Woodsman Match Target 4.5” barrel, Huntsman 6.5” barrel, Targetsman 6” barrel, Targetsman 4.5” barrel, Colt Junior Pocket Model, Cadet / Colt .22, Colt .22 Target, Colteer I-22, Stagecoach, Courier, Colteer, Colt “57” Bolt-Action Rifle, Coltsman Bolt-Action Rifle, Coltsman Pump Shotgun, Colt Light Rifle, Colt Sauer Bolt-Action Rifle, Colt Sauer Short Action, Colt Sauer Drilling, Colt-Sharps Rifle, AR-15 Sporter (Model #6000), AR-15 Sporter w/Collapsible Stock (Model #6001), AR-15 Carbine (Model #6420), AR-15 9mm Carbine (Model #6450), AR-15A2 Sporter II (Model #6500), AR-15A2 Government Model Carbine (Model #6520), AR-15A2 Government Model (Model #6550), AR-15A2 H-Bar (Model #6600), AR-15A2 Delta H-Bar (Model #6600DH), Sporter Lightweight Rifle, Sporter Target Model Rifle (Model #6551), Sporter Match H-Bar (Model #6601), AR-15 (XM16E1), Sporter Match Delta H-Bar (Model #6601 DH), Match Target H-BAR Compensated (Model #6601C), Colt Match Target M4, Sporter Competition H-Bar (Model #6700), Sporter Competition H-Bar Select w/scope (Model #6700CH), Match Target Competition H-BAR Compensated (Model #6700C), AR-15 Carbine Flat-top Heavyweight/Match Target Competition (Model #6731), AR-15 Tactical Carbine (Model #6721), Sporter H-Bar Elite/Accurized Rifle (Model #6724), Colt SP901, Colt SP6920, Colt SP6940, Special Combat Government Model (Competition), Special Combat Government Model (Carry), Gold Cup Commander, U.S. Shooting Team Gold Cup, Gold Cup Trophy, McCormick Commander, McCormick Officer, McCormick Factory Racer, Colt Classic .45 Special Edition, 125th Anniversary Edition Peacemaker, Custom Anaconda, Ultimate Python, Anaconda Hunter, Bobbed Detective Special, Limited Class .45 ACP, Compensated Model .45 ACP, Compensated .45 ACP Commander, Nite Lite .380, Standard Tactical Model, Superior Tactical Model, Colt Commemoratives, Colt Blackpowder Arms, 1842 Paterson Colt No. 5 Holster Model, Walker, Walker Heritage Model, First Model Dragoon, Second Model Dragoon, Third Model Dragoon, Model 1848 Pocket Pistol, Model 1851 Navy Revolver, Model 1860 Army Revolver, Model 1861 Navy Revolver, Model 1862 Pocket Pistol, Model 1862 Police Revolver, Walker 150th Anniversary Model, Whitneyville Hartford Dragoon, Marine Dragoon, 3rd Model Dragoon, Cochise Dragoon, Colt 1849 Model Pocket, Colt 1851 Model Navy, Colt Model 1860 Army, Colt 1860 Officer’s Model, Colt Model 1860 Army Gold U.S. Cavalry, Colt 1860 Heirloom Edition, Colt Model 1861 Navy, General Custer, Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy, Colt Model 1862 Trapper-Pocket Police, Colt 1861 Musket, Colt 1861 Musket—Artillery Model, Colt 1861 Musket Presentation 1 of 1000, Colt 1861 Musket Presentation 1 of 1000

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Excellent Review by Slim

This little book is a good value, much ,ore than I anticipated. Good short descriptions and realistic pricing. I have found it difficult to purchase any firearm at price guide prices.

(Posted on 2/7/2014)

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