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How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Gun

What’s the best handgun for concealed carry? That depends. By Corey Graff, Online Editor I am a big proponent of Glocks for concealed carry. The Glock Model 19 is a mid-sized semi-automatic handgun that holds 15 rounds and is accurate and simple to shoot and maintain. In the blink of an eye your concealed carry gun could […]

Gun Values: Learn How Much Your Guns Are Worth

Resources and tips for finding firearm values using trusted references or getting free online gun values By Corey Graff, Online Editor No matter how you look at it, guns are a serious purchase. They’re not something you can buy at the five-and-dime store, so the first step in making a purchasing decision is figuring out gun [...]

Self-Defense Guns: Home Defense and Survival Guns

In theory, any gun can be a self-defense gun. Here are a few guidelines. By Corey Graff, Online Editor A criminal staring down the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun is likely to have a change of mind. Home defense shotguns are effective and can be loaded with lighter shot to minimize wall penetration.  Self-defense guns […]

DIY: How to Begin Reloading Your Own Ammo

Good Information is Key to Learning How to Reload Ammo By Corey Graff, Online Editor Enjoy step-by-step guides on reloading rifle and handgun cartridges and shotshells Reloading your own ammo can be rewarding and save you much money over the course of your shooting career. You can custom tailor loads. And experiment for optimum accuracy […]

Shooting Accessories DIY: How to Customize Your Shooting Experience

Aftermarket shooting accessories to personalize your firearms By Corey Graff, Online Editor At no other time in the history of modern firearms have we had so many choices in guns from which to choose. Hunting guns. Competition guns. Self-defense guns. Concealed carry guns. But once you’ve narrowed down the specific gun you want for your intended application, it’s […]

Gun Scopes: How to Choose the Best Scope for Your Rifle

Picking out rifle scopes isn’t as difficult as you think. By Corey Graff, Online Editor   In addition to matching scope function to your application, consider style. This is a high-end Austrian-made scope, which compliments a custom rifle. Great rifle scopes on good rifles are a superb combination. Poor scopes on great rifles, not so much…   […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry Holsters eBook

The Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry Holsters eBook By Corey Graff Format: eBook You’ll find this guide useful if: You are new to concealed carry and you want to understand the basic concepts behind holsters You are interested in exploring different methods of carry and the situations they are beneficial You are at any skill level [...]

Glock Handguns: Know Your Pistol Inside and Out

Basic Glock handgun maintenance, cleaning and disassembly By Corey Graff, Online Editor   The Glock handgun is renown for its reliability. The gun will take care of you, so take care of it by learning how to fully disassemble and clean it. A decade came and went before I first fully disassembled the Glock. Mine ran […]

Popular Types of Gunstocks: McMillan to SKS & Rifle to Shotgun

Gunstocks help you aim. And so much more. By Corey Graff, Online Editor   The LWRCI AR-15 style tactical rifle ships with either a Magpul or Vltor stock, both popular choices for a tactical rifle of this nature. Shown here is the tough-looking Vltor stock. From the Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Vol. 3. The […]

How to Select a Gun Case

Get the right gun case to protect your firearm in all conditions By Corey Graff, Online Editor   This Ithaca 1911 pistol came with a super fancy leather bound handgun case that protects it and looks good, too. The pistol case also features a key lock for added security. Unless you’re a Montana rancher and […]

Army Guns and Military Ammunition

8 tips to better understand U.S. Army guns and other cool military stuff By Corey Graff, Online Editor It seems everyone these days wants to get their hands on the ubiquitous AR-15 rifle, but interest is also surging in antique militaria and army surplus guns. Here are 8 tips to learn more about U.S. Army […]

5 Tips to Understanding Types of Ammunition

From handgun and rifle ammo to shotgun shells, knowing what’s available will help you choose the best ammunition for your gun. By Corey Graff, Online Editor   Choosing the right ammunition for a particular gun is something even experienced shooters struggle with. If you’re a beginner, getting confused by all the choices out there is […]