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2013 Franchi Pricing & Reference

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In this Franchi downloadable PDF, find in-depth firearm values, gun pricing and gun grading information. It's excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms.

Models covered in this download include:

Astore, Astore II, Astore 5, Airone, Condor, Imperial, Imperiales, No. 5 Imperial Monte Carlo, No. 11 Imperial Monte Carlo, Imperial Monte Carlo Extra, Highlander, Priti Deluxe Model, Falconet, Falconet Skeet, Falconet International Skeet, Falconet Trap, Falconet International Trap, Peregrine Model 451, Peregrine Model 400, Aristocrat, Aristocrat Magnum, Aristocrat Silver King, Aristocrat Deluxe, Aristocrat Supreme, Aristocrat Imperial, Aristocrat Monte Carlo, Model 2003 Trap, Model 2004 Trap, Model 2005 Combination Trap, Model 3000 “Undergun”, Alcione Classic, Alcione T (Titanium), Alcione T Two-Barrel Set, Alcione Field Model, Alcione Sporting, Alcione LF, Alcione SL Sport, Alcione SP, Alcione Classic SX, Alcione Field SX, Veloce, Veloce English Stock, Veloce Grade II, Veloce Squire Set, Renaissance, AL48, AL 48 Short Stock (Modern), AL 48 Deluxe English Stock (Modern), Hunter Model AL48 (1950-1970), Eldorado AL48 (1954-1975), Crown Grade, Diamond Grade, Imperial Grade, Model 500, Model 520 “Eldorado Gold”, Model 530 Trap, Prestige Model, Elite Model, SPAS12, Black Magic Game Model, Black Magic Hunter, Black Magic Lightweight Hunter, Variomax 912, Variomax 912 Camo, Variomax 912 SteadyGrip, Variopress 612 Sporting, Variopress 612 Field, Variopress 612 Defense, Variopress 620 Field, Variopress 620 Short Stock, Model 712, Model 720, I-12 and I-12.

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