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2013 Heckler and Koch Pricing & Reference

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Find firearm pricing, identification and gun values information on new and used Heckler and Koch products. It's excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a trusted source of new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Heckler and Koch gun pricing download include:

Model 91 A2, Model 91 A3, Model 93 A2, Model 93 A3, Model 94 A2, Model 94 A3, Model 270, Model 300, Model 630, Model 770, Model 940, Model SL6, Model SL7, Model SR9, Model SR9 (T) Target, Model SR9 (TC) Target Competition, BASR Model, PSG-1, Model SL8-1, SLB 2000, Model USC, Model MR556A1, HK4, P9, P9S, P9S Target Model, P9S Competition, VP 70Z, P7 PSP, P7 K3, .22 Caliber Conversion Kit, P7 M8, P7 M10, P7 M13, SP89, USP 40, USP 9, USP 9SD, USP 40 Compact, USP 45, USP 9 Compact, USP Compact LEM (Law Enforcement Modification), USP 45 Match, USP 45 Compact, USP 45 Compact Tactical, USP .357 Compact, USP 45 Expert, USP 45 Tactical, USP Elite, USP 45 50th Anniversary Commemorative, P2000 GPM, P2000 SK, Mark 23, HK45, HK45 Compact and P30.

SKU U7351
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