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2013 Ithaca Pricing & Reference

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Download this PDF for Ithaca Gun Co. gun pricing, identification, grading and firearm values information. It's excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a trusted source of new and used gun pricing.

Models found in this firearm prices download include:

Ithaca Baker Model, New Ithaca Gun, The New Double Bolted Hammer Gun, Crass Model, Lewis Model, Minier Model, Flues Model, The New Ithaca Double, Special Field Grade, Grade 4E, Grade 7E, Sousa Grade, The Long Range Double, The Long Range Double Deluxe, Flues Model Single-Barrel Trap Gun (1914 to 1922), Knick Model Single-Barrel Trap, Century Grade Trap (SKB), Century II (SKB), Model 66 Supersingle—1963-1978, Model 66 Youth Grade, Model 66 Buck Buster (RS Barrel), Ithaca Auto and Burglar Gun NFA Curio or Relic, Ithaca Model 37 Repeater, Model 37/Standard Grade—1937-1983, Model 37S/Skeet Grade—1937-1953, Model 37T/Trap—1937-1953, Model 37T/Target—1954-1961, Model 37R/Solid Rib—1940-1967, Model 37 Military Marked (WWII), Model 37RD/Deluxe Solid Rib—1954-1962, Model 37 Deerslayer—1959-1987, Model 37 Deluxe Deerslayer—1959-1971, Model 37 Super Deluxe Deerslayer—1959-1987, Model 37 Supreme Grade—1967-1987, Model 37 Field Grade Standard—1983-1985, Model 37 Field Grade Vent Rib—1983-1986, Model 37 Basic Featherlight—1979-1983, Model 37V/Vent Rib—1961-1983, Model 37RV/Deluxe Vent Rib—1961-1966, Model 37D/Deluxe—1955-1977, Model 37DV/Deluxe Vent Rib—1961-1987, Model 37 Magnum 3” Chamber—1978-1987, Model 37 Field Grade Magnum—1984-1987, Model 37 UltraLight—1978 to 1987, Model 37 English UltraLight—1982-1987, Model 37 Camo, Model 37 Bicentennial, Model 37 Ducks Unlimited Commemorative, Auction Grade, Model 37 Ducks Unlimited Commemorative Trade Grade, Model 37 2500 Series Centennial, Model 37 Presentation Series Centennial, Hi-Grade Ithaca Model 37 Guns, Model 37 Law Enforcement Weapons, Ithaca Model 87 Repeater, Model 87 Basic—1989-1994, Model 87 Magnum, Model 87 Field Grade—1987-1990, Model 87 Camo—1987-1994, Model 87 Turkey Gun—1987-1996, Model 87 Deluxe—1987-1996, Model 87 Ultralite—1987-1990, Model 87 English—1993-1996, Model 87 Ultralite Deluxe, Model 87 Supreme Grade—1987-1996, Model 87 Deerslayer Basic—1989-1996, Model 87 Deerslayer—1989-1996, Model 87 Deluxe Deerslayer—1989-1996, Model 87 Deerslayer II—1988-1996, Model 87 Home Protection and Law Enforcement, New Model 37, Model 37 Deerslayer II, Deerslayer III Slug Shotgun, Model 37 28 Gauge, Model 37 Deluxe Field, Model 37 Deluxe Field English Style, Model 37 Ultra Featherlight Grouse Special, Model 37 Ultra Featherlight Youth, Model 37 Sporting Clays, Model 37 Trap, Model 37 Women’s Endowment Shotgun, Model 37 Waterfowler, Model 37 New Classic, Model 37 Turkeyslayer, Model 37 Home Defense, Model 37 Hogslayer, Model 51A Standard, Model 51A Magnum, Model 51A Waterfowler, Model 51A Deerslayer, Model 51A Turkey Gun, Model 51 Supreme Trap, Model 51 Supreme Skeet, Model 51 Ducks Unlimited Commemorative, Model 51 Presentation, MAG-10, Model X5-C, Model X5T Lightning, Model X-15 Lightning, Model 49 Saddlegun—1961-1979, Model 49 Saddlegun, Model 49R—1968-1971, Model 72 Saddlegun—1973-1979, LSA-55 OR 65, Model 1911 and X-Caliber.

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