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2013 Merkel Pricing & Reference

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Find in-depth Merkel firearm values, identification, grading, and gun pricing information in this excerpt from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a renowned gun price guide featuring new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Merkel firearm values download include:

Model 8, Model 117/117E, Model 118/118E, Model 124/125, Model 130, Model 126, Model 170, Model 127, Model 47E, Model 147, Model 147E, Model 147EL, Model 122, Model 47SL, Model 147SL, Model 147SSL, Models 247S/347S, Model 447SL, Model 280, Model 280EL, Model 280SL, Model 360, Model 360EL, Model 360SL, Model 280/360 Two Barrel Set, Model 280/360EL Two Barrel Set, Model 280/360SL Two Barrel Set, Model 1620, Model 1620E, Model 1620EL, Model 1620SL, Model 1622, Model 1622E, Model 1622EL, Model 102E, Model 103E, Model 204E, Model 301E, Model 302E, Model 303 Luxus, Model 304E, Model 400E, Model 401E, Model 200E, Model 201E, Model 202E, Model 200ES, Model 200ET, Model 200SC (Sporting Clays), Model 201ES, Model 201ET, Model 203E, Model 303E, Model 303EL, Model 2000EL, Model 2000EL Sporter, Model 2000CL, Model 2000CL Sporter, Model 2001EL, Model 2001EL Sporter, Model 2002EL, Model 2016EL, Model 2016EL Two Barrel Set, Model 2116EL, Model 2116EL Two Barrel Set, Model 180, Model 183, Model 190, Model 410E, Model 411E, Model 300, Model 311E, Model 312E, Model 313E, Model 314E, Model 128E, Model 132E, Model 140-1, Model 140-1.1, Model 140-2, Model 140-2.1, Model 150-1, Model 150-1.1, Model 160S Luxus Double Rifle, Model 160S-2.1, Model 211E Rifle/Shotgun Combination, Model 210E Rifle/Shotgun Combination, Model 211E Rifle/Shotgun Combination, Model 213E Rifle/Shotgun Combination, Model 313E Rifle/Shotgun Combination, Model 220E Over/Under Double Rifle, Model 221E Over/Under Double Rifle, Model 223E Over/Under Double Rifle, Model 240-1, Model 240-1.1, Model 323E Over/Under Double Rifle, Model 95K Drilling, Model 96K, Model 96K—Engraved, Model K-1 Jagd, KR-1 Premium and KR-1 Weimar.

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