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2013 Savage Pricing & Reference

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Table Show your data in a spreadsheet-style report with rows and columns. Grid edit Create a report to enter or edit many records at once. Summary Group and total your data to answer questions about large data sets. Calendar Show timing information for your data in a month-by-month calendar format. Chart Show your data graphically in the form of a pie, bar, line, or area chart. Timeline Create a Gantt chart for records that have start and end dates. Here are new and used Savage gun prices, firearm values, identification and grading information, presented in an easy-to-read PDF download of gun values data. It is excerpted from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a trusted gun price guide featuring new and used gun prices.

Models found in this Savage firearm pricing download include:

Model 1895, Model 1899-A 22-inch Barrel Short Rifle, Model 1899-A 26-inch Round Barrel Rifle, Model 1899-B 26-inch Octagon Barrel Rifle, Model 1899-C 26-inch Half Octagon Barrel Rifle, Model 1899-D Military Musket, Model 1899-F Saddle Ring Carbine, Model 1899-CD Deluxe Rifle, Model 1899-H Featherweight Rifle, Model 1899 .250-3000 Savage Rifle, Model 99-B 26-inch/24-inch Standard Weight Takedown, Model 99-C 22-inch Standard Weight Short Rifle, Model 99-D 22-inch Standard Weight Takedown Rifle, Model 99-E Lightweight Rifle, Model 99-F Lightweight Takedown Rifle, Model 99-G Deluxe Takedown Pistol Grip Rifle, Model 99-H Carbine/Barrel Band Carbine, Combination Cased Set .300 Savage/.410 Barrel, Model 99-A 24-inch Featherweight Rifle, Model 99-K Deluxe Engraved Rifle, Model 99-R Heavy Stocked Rifle, Model 99-RS Special Sights, Model 99-EG Standard Weight Rifle, Model 99-T Deluxe Featherweight Rifle, Model 99-F Featherweight Rifle, Model 99-DL Deluxe Monte Carlo Rifle, Model 99-E Economy Rifle, Model 99-C Clip Magazine Rifle, Model 99-DE Citation Grade Rifle, Model 99-PE Presentation Grade Rifle, Model 1895 Anniversary Edition, Model 99-A Saddle Gun, Model 99-.358 and 99-.375 Brush Guns, Model 99-CD Deluxe Clip Model, Model 99-CE (Centennial Edition), Model 1903, Model 1903 Gallery Model, Model 1903 Factory Engraved Models, Model 1909, Model 1911, Model 1912, Model 6, Model 7, Model 1914, Model 25, Model 29, Model 170, Model 1904, Model 1905, Model 1905 Style B, Model 1905 Special Target Rifle, Model 19 NRA, Model 19L, Model 19M, Model 19H, Model 3, Model 4, Model 4M, Model 5, Model 1920, Model 1922, Model 23A, Model 23AA, Model 23B, Model 23C, Model 23D, Model 40 (Old Model), Model 45 Super, Model 35, Model 46, Model 340, Model 342, Model 110 Sporter, Model 110-M, Model 110-D, Model 110-P Premier Grade, Model 110-PE, Model 110-F, Model 110-FX, Model 110-FP, Model 110-G, Model 110-GX, Model 110-CY, Model 110-FP Tactical, Model 110-FP Duty, Model 110-FP-LE1, Model 110-FP-LE2, Model 110-Fiftieth Anniversary, Savage Axis Series, 110 BA Law Enforcement Rifle, Model 111 Classic Hunter Series, Model 111G, Model 111GCNS, Model 111GC, Model 111GL, Model 111F, Model 111FL, Model 111FC, Model 111FCNS, Model 111FXP3, Model 111FCXP3, Model 111FAK, Model 112BT / 112BT-S (Long Action), Model 112 Series Varmint Rifles, Model 112BVSS (Long Action), Model 112BVSS-S, Model 112FVSS, Model 112FVSS-S, Model 112FV, Model 112BT—Competition Grade, Model 114C—Classic, Model 114CE—Classic European, Model 114CU, Model 114U—Ultra, Model 116FCSAK (Long Action), Model 116FSAK (Long Action), Model 116BSS, Model 116FSS (Long Action), Model 116FCS, Model 116FSK—Kodiak (Long Action), Model 116SE—Safari Express, Model 116US, Model 12BVSS, Model 12BVSS-S, Model 12BVSS-SXP, Model 12BTCSS, Model 12FVSS, Model 12FVSS-S, Model 12FV (Short Action), Model 12FLV, Model 12VSS—Varminter (Short Action), Model 12 Varminter Low Profile, Model 12 LRPV Long Range Precision Varminter, Model 12 Varminter Low Profile, 12 FCV Varmint Rifle, Model 12 F-Class Target Rifle, Model 12 Long Range Precision, Model 12 Palma, Model 40 Varmint Hunter, Model 10FP—Tactical (Short Action), Model 10FLP, Model 10FM—Sierra, Model 10FCM—Sierra, Model 10FCM—Scout Rifle, Model 10GY Youth, Model 10 Predator Hunter, Model 10XP Predator, Model 10XP Predator Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle Package, Model 10FP-LE1, Model 10FP-LE1A, Model 10FP-LE2B, Model 10FP-LE2, Model 10FP-LE2A, Model 10FPXP-LEA, Model 10FPXP-LE, Model 10FCP-HS Precision, Model 10FCP Choate, Model 10FCP McMillan, Model 10FPXP-HS Precision, Model 10FP-HS, Model 10 Precision Carbine, Model 10FLCP, Model 10 BAS Law Enforcement Bolt-Action Rifle, Model 10 BAT-S, Model 10ML-II, Model 10MLSS-II, Model 10ML-II Camo, Model 10MLSS-II Camo, Model 10MLBSS-II, Model 10ML-IIXP, Model 10MLSS-IIXP, Model 11F, Model 11FCNS, Model 11 Lightweight Hunter, Model 11G, Model 11BTH, Model 11GCNS, Model 11FYCAK, Model 111FYCAK, Model 11BTH, Model 111FHNS, Model 11FCXP3, Model 11FYCXP3, Model 14 Classic, Model 14 Left Hand, Model 114 Classic, Model 14 Euro Classic, Model 114 Euro Classic, Model 14 / 114 American Classic Stainless, Model 16FSS, Model 16FLSS, Model 16FCSAK, Model 16FCSS, Model 16BSS, Model 16FHSAK, Model 16FHSS, Long Range Precision Varminter, Model 112 Varmint, Low Profile, Model 25 Lightweight Varminter, Model 25 Lightweight Varminter Thumbhole, Model 25 Classic Sporter, Model 25 Walking Varminter, Savage Edge Bolt Action Rifle, Model 60, Model 64G, Model 64GXP, Model 64BTV, Model 64F, Model 64FSS, Model 64FV, Model 64FVXP, Model 64FVSS, Model 64FXP, Model 88, Model 90 Carbine, Model 93G, Model 93FS, Model 93 Classic, Model 93 Classic Thumbhole, Model 93XP, Model 93FVSS, Model 93BTVS, Model 93F, Model 93R17-F, Model 93R17-BVSS, Model 93R17-FSS, Model 93R17-Camo, Model 93R17-FVSS, Model 93R17-GV, Model 93R17-GVXP, Model 93R17-FXP, Model 93FVSS-XP, Model 93FSS, Model 93FV, Model 93R17-BTVS, Model 93R17BLTVS, Model 93R17-BV, Model 93R17 Classic, Model Mark II BRJ, Model Mark II TRR-SR, Model CUB-G (Mini-Youth), Model CUB-T, Model 30G Stevens Favorite, Model 30G Favorite Takedown, Mark I-G, Model Mark I-FVT, Mark I-GY (Youth Model), Mark I-GSB Smoothbore, Mark II-G, Mark II-GY (Youth Model), Mark II-GXP, Mark II-FSS, Mark II-LV, Mark II-F, Mark II-FXP, Model Mark II Camo, Mark II-FV, Model Mark II-FVXP, Model Mark II-FVT, Model Mark II-BV, Model Mark II BTV, Mark II BVTS, Model Mark II Classic, Model 900 Series, Model 900B—Biathlon, Model 900 TR—Target, Model 900S—Silhouette, Model 24, Model 24MS, Model 24S, Model 24DL, Model 24 Field—Lightweight Version, Model 24C, Model 24VS, Model 24F, Model 2400, Model 420, Model 420 with Single Trigger, Model 430, Model 430 with Single Trigger, Model 320, Model 412, Model 412F, Model 220, Model 210F, Model 210F Slug Warrior Camo, Model 210FT, Model 720, Model 726 Upland Sporter, Model 740C Skeet, Model 745, Model 755, Model 775, Model 750, Model FA-1, Model FP-1, Model 21, Model 28, Model 30, Model 242, Model 550, Model 440, Model 440A, Model 440B-T, Model 444 Deluxe, Model 444, Model 444B, Model 440T, Model 330, Model 333, Model 333T, Model 312 Field Over/Under, Model 312 Trap, Model 312 Sporting Clay, Model 320 Field, Fox Model B—Utica NY, Fox Model B—Chicopee Falls Mass., Fox Model B—Single Trigger, Fox Model BDL, Fox Model BDE, Fox Model BST, Fox Model BSE, Fox Model BE, Milano, Model 1907, Model 1907 Portugese Contract, Model 1915, Model 1917, Model 6.35mm, Model 1907 Test Pistol, Model 1910 Test Pistol, Model 1911 Test Pistol, Model 101, Model 501F—Sport Striker, Model 501FXP, Model 502F—Sport Striker, Model 503F—Sport Striker, Model 503FSS—Sport Striker, Model 510F Striker, Model 516FSS, Model 516FSAK, Model 516FSAK Camo, Model 516BSS and Model 516BSAK.

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