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2013 Stevens Arms Pricing & Reference

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In this PDF download of new and used Stevens Arms gun prices, you'll find firearm values, grading and identification information for a variety of models. The helpful gun values data comes from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a trusted gun price guide featuring new and used firearm prices.

Models found in this Stevens gun prices download include:

Vest Pocket Pistol, Pocket Pistol, Gem Pocket Pistol, .22 or .41 Caliber Derringer, No. 41 Pistol, Single-Shot Pistol, Stevens Tip Up Rifles, Ideal Single-Shot Rifle, No. 44, No. 44-1/2, No. 044-1/2, No. 45, No. 46, No. 47, No. 48, No. 49, Model 50, Model 51, No. 52, No. 53, No. 54, No. 55, No. 56, No. 404, No. 414, No. 417 Walnut Hill Model, No. 417 1/2 Walnut Hill Model, No. 418 Walnut Hill Jr., No. 418 1/2 Walnut Hill Jr., 1st Model Favorite, No. 17, No. 20, No. 21, No. 21 Ladies Model, No. 16, No. 16-1/2, No. 23—Sure Shot, No. 15, No. 15-1/2, No. 14, No. 14-1/2, No. 65, No. 12, No. 26, No. 26-1/2, No. 11—Junior, Model 71, Model 72, Model 70, No. 80, High Power Rifle, Six-inch Pocket Rifle, No. 36, First Issue Stevens-Conlin, Second Issue Stevens-Conlin No. 38, No. 37, No. 35, No. 35 Target, Stevens No. 35 Auto-Shot, Off-Hand Shot Gun, No. 43, No. 10 Target Pistol, Old Model Pocket Rifle, Reliable Pocket Rifle, No. 42 Reliable Pocket Rifle, First Issue New Model Pocket Rifle, Second Issue New Model Pocket Rifle, Vernier Model, No. 40, No. 40-1/2, No. 34 (Hunter’s Pet), No. 34-1/2, Model 416, Model 053—Single-Shot, Model 066—Tube Magazine, Model 084—5-Shot Magazine, Model 15—Single-Shot, Model 419—Single-Shot, Model 49—Single-Shot, Model 51—Single-Shot, Model 53—Single-Shot, Model 66—Tube Magazine, Model 056—5-Shot Magazine, Model 083—Single-Shot, Model 086—Tube Magazine, Model 15Y—Single-Shot, Model 48—Single-Shot, Model 50—Single-Shot, Model 52—Single-Shot, Model 56—5-Shot Magazine, Model 416, Model 322, Model 322-S, Model 89, Model 87M, Model 987, Stevens Model 200, Model 200XP Long or Short Action Package Rifle, Model 200XP Camo, Stevens Cadet Mini-Youth, Stevens Model 315 Youth, Stevens Model 310, Stevens Model 310 Heavy Barrel, Stevens Model 300, Stevens Model 305, Model 89, Model 90, Model 93, Model 94, Model 94A, Model 94C, Model 95, Model 97, Model 100, Model 102, Model 104, Model 105, Model 106, Model 107, Model 108, Model 110, Model 120, Model 125, Model 140, Model 160, Model 165, Model 170, Model 180, Model 944, Model 958, Model 970, Model 182, Model 185, Model 190, Model 195, Model 240, Model .22/.410, Model 1877—Hammer Boxlock, Model 250—Hammer Sidelock, Model 225—Hammer Boxlock, Model 260—Hammer Sidelock, Model 270—Hammer Sidelock, Model 280—Hammer Sidelock, Model 325—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 350—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 360—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 370—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 380—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 235—Hammer Boxlock, Model 335 (Early)—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 335 (Late)—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 255—Hammer Sidelock, Model 265—Hammer Sidelock, Model 355—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 365—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 375 (London Proofs)—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 375 (U.S.)—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 385 (London Proofs)—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 385 (U.S.)—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 345—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 330—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 515—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 515—Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 500—Skeet Hammerless Boxlock, Model 530—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 530M—Tenite Hammerless Boxlock, Model 530M—Tenite Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 530A—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 530A—Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311—Tenite Hammerless Boxlock, Model 331—Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311—Tenite Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311A—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311C—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311D—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311E—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311F—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311H—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311H—Vent Rib Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311J/R—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311J/R—Solid Rib Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311H—Waterfowler Hammerless Boxlock, Model 240—.410 Over/Under Hammer Tenite, Model 215—Hammer Boxlock, Model 315 (Early)—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 315 (Late)—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 511—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 511—Sunken Rib Hammerless Boxlock, Model 215—Hammer Boxlock, Model 311—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 315—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 3150—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 3151—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 3151—Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311—Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 5151—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 5151—Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311—New Style Hammerless Boxlock, Model 311—New Style Tenite Hammerless Boxlock, Model 511—Sunken Rib Hammerless Boxlock, Model 511—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 511A—Hammerless Boxlock, Model 411 Upland Sporter, Model 237—Single-Shot, Model 258—Clip Fed, Model 37—Single-Shot, Model 38—Clip Fed, Model 39—Tube Magazine, Model 58—Clip Fed, Model 59—Tube Magazine, Model 620 U.S. Marked Trench Gun, Model 124, Model 67, Model 675, Model 69-RXL and Stevens Model 350 Pump Shotgun.
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