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2013 Taurus Pricing & Reference

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Found in this PDF download of new and used Taurus gun prices, you'll find firearm values, grading and identification information on a number of models. The firearm pricing data come from the 2013 Standard Catalog of Firearms, a respected firearm price guide offering new and used firearm prices.

Models found in this Taurus gun prices download include:

PT-92C, PT-92, PT-99, PT-92AF, PT-100, PT-101, Deluxe Shooter’s Pak, PT-138, PT-908, PT-911, PT-111, PT-140, PT-140 Millennium, PT-145 Millennium, Millennium Pro, Model 609TI-PRO, PT-400/400SS, PT-132, PT-58, PT-145, PT-45, PT-745B/SS, PT-640B/SS, PT-24/7-45B, 24/7 G2, 24/7-PRO Standard, 24/7-PRO Compact, 24/7-PRO Long Slide, PT-24/7-9B, PT-24/7-40B, PT-24/7LS-9SS-17, PT-24/79SSC-17, PT-24/7PLS-9SSPTi-17, 24/7 OSS, PT-24/7PLS-9SSCTi-17, 24/7PLS, 2045 Large Frame Pistol, 809-B 9mm, 800 Series Compact, PT191140B, PT1911, Model 1911B-9, Model 1911B-38, Model 1911HC, PT-745GB, PT745B/SS-LS, PT917B20, PT609Ti-13, PT138BP12 Millennium Pro, PT-38B/SS, PT-38SSSPRL, 738 TCP Compact Pistol, 709 Slim, 638 Pro Compact, DT Hybrid, 917, PT-945C, PT-945S, PT-940, PT-938, 922 Sport, PT-22, PT-922, PT-25, 22PLY/25PLY Small Polymer Frame Pistols, Model 17MB2/MSS2, Model 73, Model 80, Model 82, Model 82B4, Model 82SS4, Model 827B4, Model 827SS4, Model 83, Model 86, Model 85, Model 85 Stainless, Model 85CH, Model 85 UL, Model 85 Hy-Lite Magnesium, Model 85 Ultra-Lite Gray, Model 85 Ultra-Lite Titanium, Model 850, Model 850 Ultra-Lite Blue, Model 850 Ultra-Lite Stainless Steel, Model 605, Taurus Polymer Protector, Model 650, Taurus 405 Revolver, Model 851 and 651 Revolvers, Model 94, Model 94 UL, Model 941, Model 941 UL, Model 96, Model 741, Model 761, Model 65, Model 605, Model 605 Custom (B2C), Model 605CHB2/SS2, Model 605CHB2C/SS2C, Model 66, Model 66CP, Model 66B4/SS4, Model 607, Model 606, Model 608, Model 689, Model 617, Model 617 CHB2/SS2, Model 627 Tracker, Model 669, Model 669CP, Model 415, Model 431, Model 817 (Ultra-Lite), Model 441, Model 444 Multi, Model 905I-B1/SS1, Model 951SH2, Model 907SH2, Model 907B2/SS2, Model 218 Raging Bee, Model 22H Raging Hornet, Model 30C Raging Thirty, Model 416 Raging Bull, Model 454 Raging Bull, Model 500 Magnum Raging Bull, Model 500MSS2 Raging Bull, Model 44/444, Model 17, Model 970, Model 971, Tracker .22/.22 Mag., Model 425 Tracker, Model 44 Tracker, Tracker .45, Model 445, Model 450, Model 455, Model 460, Model 45, Model 627, Tracker 10mm 10TSS4, Tracker 10SS8, Tracker 4510TKR, Tracker Model 590 5mm Remington Magnum Rimfire, Judge, Model 4510TKR-SSR, Judge Public Defender Polymer, Judge Public Defender Ultra-Lite, Raging Judge Magnum, Raging Judge Magnum Ultra-Lite, Model 17-12, Model 66, Model 980, Model 981, Model 217, Model 85Ti, Model 731Ti, Model 617Ti, Model 627Ti, Model 415Ti, Model 425Ti, Model 450Ti, Model 445Ti, Model UL/Ti, S/A-45, B/S/SM, S/A-45, S/S/CH, S/A-357-B, S/SM, S/S, CHSA, S/A-44-40-B, S/SM, S/S, CHSA, Model 62, Model 62 Carbine, Model 62 Upstart, Model 72, Model 72 Carbine, Model 63, Model 62LAR Lever Rifle, Model 62LAR-SS, Thunderbolt and CT9G2.
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