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The ABCs of Reloading, 9th Edition

By C. Rodney James

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Learning to Reload is Easy ...

... With the help of this easy-to-understand book!

You'll Love This If:

  • You want to learn how to reload ammo
  • You want to save money by handloading so you can shoot more
  • You want to try reloading but want to learn safe reloading techniques

Reloading How-To, From Novice to Expert

The 9th Edition of The ABCs of Reloading is a step-by-step guide on reloading rifle and handgun cartridges and shotshells. With the cost of factory ammo skyrocketing you can save money by learning how to reload your own ammunition.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Easy-to-follow steps and techniques for creating safe rifle, handgun and shotshell handloads
  • The equipment - presses, dies, measurement tools and more - to get started in reloading
  • Simple to understand references on reloading components, like brass, bullets and powder

Sneak Peek: Performance-Enhancing Loads - Reload Your Own to Get What You Need

Accuracy is often listed among the top three reasons for reloading your own ammunition. As many shooters and hunters know, handloading ammunition allows you to customize loads to draw the maximum degree of accuracy from your gun, and to tailor the loads to your needs for a particular hunt or competition. Click to Read

What Else is Inside?

  • A Special Report on Lead Hazards in the Shooting Sports, by Robert D. Williams, Ph.D.
  • Ammunition storage tips
  • BONUS: Classic and timeless articles on reloading from the Gun Digest archives

TIP: Even Experienced Reloaders Will Learn Something from this Book!

The best way to weather any future ammunition shortages is to learn to reload your own ammo. This book will teach you how.

Chapters Include:

  • Safety First, Last and Always
  • The Cartridge Case
  • Understanding Pressure and Headspace
  • Primers
  • Blackpowder and Its Variants
  • Smokeless Powder
  • Bullets
  • Casting Bullets
  • Bullet Sizing and Lubrication
  • Tooling Up for Reloading
  • Rifle Cartridge Reloading
  • Handgun Cartridge Reloading
  • Shotshell Ammunition Reloading
  • Ballistics: The Basics
  • Sources and Resources
  • Reloading Ammunition
  • Ammunition Guide
  • Casting Lead Alloy Bullets
  • Special Bullet Sizing Dies
  • Practical Pressures
  • Early Loading Tools
  • Better Handloads
  • New Brass for Old
  • Case Neck Variations
  • Handloading Philosophy
  • Shot Loads for Revolvers
  • Pressures and the Revolver
  • Square Shot and Little Flying Saucers
  • Smokeless Loads for Double Rifles
  • The Lyman Story
  • Double Bullets!
  • Compact Loading Bench
  • Shooting Lead Bullets
  • Plus hundreds of detailed photos showing the reloading process step-by-step!
About the Author
C. Rodney James has written for Gun Digest, Handloader's Digest, Guns Illustrated, Shooter's Bible, Guns Magazine and AFTE Journal, the publication of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners. He was the author of the 6th edition of the ABCs of Reloading. He is an independent firearms examiner and member of the International Wound Ballistics Association and Society for the Scientific Detection of Crime. His more recent publications include The Gun Digest Book of the .22 and Original Cyn: A Love Story ... with Guns, a forensic novel.

What The Experts are Saying

"...each section is thorough, with charts, drawings and photographs used to illustrate key points, which are particularly helpful for explaining such concepts as pressure, headspace, and the evolution of the metallic cartridge ... Perhaps the real gems of the guide are the reprinted articles from Gun Digest, spanning from 1947-1980, featuring noted authors such as Col. Townsend Whelen." - American Rifleman

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Author/Speaker/Editor C. Rodney James
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ISBN 13 9781440213960
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The ABCs of Reloading, 9th Edition

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The ABCs of Reloading, 9th Edition

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Comprehensive... Review by Mark

A well written and comprehensive guide for the experienced and novice reloader. The only thing I might add is the editing/proof-reading was pretty lacks...a lot of errors and I'm barely into it. A welth of knowledge to be sure.

(Posted on 7/15/2014)

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