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Get expert advice on gun collecting, gun values, gun prices and the latest tactical guns like the AR-15, Glock and 1911 - from Gun Digest's in-house staff of editors. Learn about gun reviews and gun accessories and buy the stuff you need - all in one spot - with our insider recommendations and special discounts. Get tips on gunsmithing, firearm disassembly and buying guns. And be entertained - with access to Gun Digest's rich history in gun writing and outdoor adventure.


5 Tips to Understanding Types of Ammunition


Choosing the right ammunition for a particular gun is something even experienced shooters struggle with. If you’re a beginner, getting confused by all the choices out there is understandable. Here are 5 tips to keep it all straight.

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army guns, us army weapons

8 tips to better understand U.S. Army guns and other cool military stuff


It seems everyone these days wants to get their hands on the ubiquitous AR-15 rifle, but interest is also surging in antique militaria and army surplus guns. Here are 8 tips to learn more about U.S. Army guns or Army surplus weapons.

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gun case, gun cases

Get the Right Gun Case to Protect your Firearm in all Conditions


Unless you’re a Montana rancher and keep your dust-covered rifle stowed (and displayed!) in the back window of your pickup truck, you’ll want a gun case to protect your firearms when not in use. When choosing the best gun case let both the type of gun and your future plans with it dictate your decision.

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Gun stocks, gunstocks

Popular Types of Gunstocks: McMillan to SKS & Rifle to Shotgun


Rifle stocks come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are made of one of three materials — solid wood, laminate wood, or synthetic. Choosing the best gun stock for your type of shooting and body size is key to hitting the target and making each shot a fun, enjoyable experience.

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Glock handguns, how to clean a glock

Glock Handguns: Know Your Pistol Inside and Out


If you own and shoot Glock handguns you know these pistols seem to run forever, no matter what condition they’re in. Even so, you still need to know how to clean and maintain your Glock (if for no other reason than to keep the 1911 guys from getting too jealous).

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concealed carry holsters, concealed carry clothing

Concealed Carry Holsters: How to Choose the Best Concealment Holster


I say the carry gun will only be there to comfort if it’s reasonably comfortable to carry. The key is to view this as a lifestyle change and invest in concealed carry clothing, a concealed carry purse if you’re a lady or even a concealed carry vest....

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Gun scopes, rifle scopes

Gun Scopes: Choose the Best Scope for Your Rifle


You get what you pay for when it comes to riflescopes. Think in terms of value scopes ($50-$299), mid-range scopes ($300-$699) and high-end scopes ($700-$3000+). Don’t set up a big game rifle with a value-level scope. These are better suited for small game rimfire rifles...

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Shooting accessories, gun accessories

Shooting Accessories: Customize Your Shooting Experience


Once you’ve narrowed down the specific gun you want for your intended application, it’s time to look at shooting accessories to personalize the firearm for your needs. Here is an overview of the best gun upgrades.

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How to reload ammo, reloading ammo

DIY: How to Begin Reloading Your Own Ammo


Reloading ammo is a safe activity. But you need to understand the risks and follow the "how to reload ammo" steps outlined in reloading manuals to the tee. There is a reason those steps are defined. Before you get started check out these tips and advice from the experts! 

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Home defense weapons, best home defense guns

Self-Defense Guns: Home Defense and Survival Guns


From home defense, to street defense, to personal protection during times of civil unrest or natural disaster, having the right firearm close at hand to keep you and your family safe is critical. But which to choose? This article outlines a wide variety of self-defense weapons so you can better decide which is right for you. 

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Gun values, finding your guns value

Gun Values: Learn How Much Your Gun is Worth


Guns are a serious purchase, and gun collecting is a serious hobby. Collectors need to educate themselves on gun values in order to know they are paying a fair price. The same is true sellers of firearms. Determing a gun's worth starts with research, and the following expert advice will help you navigate the various resources available before making your investment. 

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best concealed hand gun

How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Gun


In a heartbeat, your concealed carry gun could just be the single thing standing between you and a life-threatening opponent. Thus, gun owners need to ensure they're carrying the absolute best concealed carry handgun possible, and the best one for their lifestyle. This article teaches gun owners how to choose the best concealed carry weapon for them.

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