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Gun Digest Presents Gun Facts: The Glock (Digital Download)

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Instant access to Glock facts, features, reviews and values

The Glock, it’s one of the best firearms, and a favorite of many. Now, with this digital download you can enjoy insightful articles about the Glock pistol, from the archives of Gun Digest the Magazine, complete with test fire reviews. In addition, you’ll find page after page of historical details and load data for the most common cartridge used with the Glock. As well as easy-to-follow disassembly/reassembly instructions and illustrations and exploded drawings of Glock pistols. Plus, a Glock facts file wouldn’t be complete without pricing and values of used Glocks.

In all, you’ll enjoy nearly 110 pages of Glock facts you’ll find useful today and for years to come; and all for just $9.99.

*This digital download is accessible with Adobe Readers and can be viewed on both Mac and PC systems.
SKU U2225
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