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Reloading for Handgunners

By Patrick Sweeney

Format: Paperback

SKU# W0932

Learn to Reload Your Handgun Ammo ...

... and shoot more!

You'll Love This If:

  • You want to learn handgun ammo reloading
  • You want to custom tailor your handgun loads
  • You want to learn safe reloading techniques

Handgun Reloading How-To, From Novice to Expert

Learn how to reload your own high-quality ammunition safely. Reloading for Handgunners is the must-have reference for novice and experienced handgunners alike - to get started in handgun reloading from bench to the range.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Proper tips and techniques to reload your own handgun ammo
  • The equipment you'll need - presses, dies, measurement tools and more - to get started in reloading
  • Simple to understand references on reloading components, like brass, bullets and powder

Sneak Peek: Don’t Be Fooled: Reloading Will Not Save Money

It’s often said that reloading your own ammo will save money. According to one author, that probably won’t happen, but you’ll sure shoot a lot more. Click to Read

What Else is Inside?

  • Loading data for the most popular handgun cartridges
  • Specialty loading info for competition (IPSC/IDPA, Bullseye, Steel Challenge, Cowboy) and hunting (heavy magnums and big bores)
  • Secrets to ensure safe reloading techniques

TIP: Even Experienced Handgun Reloaders Will Learn Something from this Book!

If you reload your own handgun ammo you'll shoot more. And shooting more is a good thing. This book will teach you how to get started.

Chapters Include:

  • What You Need
  • Brass
  • Bullets
  • Powder
  • Setting Up and Maintaining Your Dies
  • Statistics
  • Load Development and Testing
  • Primers
  • 9mm Parabellum
  • 10mm
  • .32 Auto
  • .32 Revolvers - Short, Long, Magnum, .327 and .32-20
  • .38 Special
  • .38 Super
  • .40 S&W
  • .41 Magnum
  • .44 Magnum
  • .44 Special
  • .45 ACP
  • .45 Colt
  • .357 Magnum
  • .357 SIG
  • .380 Auto
  • .38-40
  • Plus hundreds of detailed photos showing the reloading process step-by-step!
About the Author
Patrick Sweeney is the author of many of Gun Digest books' best-selling titles, including Gun Digest Book of the 1911, Vols. I & II; Gun Digest Big Fat Book of the .45 ACP, Gun Digest Book of the AR-15, Gun Digest Book of the AK and SKS, Gun Digest Book of the Glock and Gunsmithing: Pistols and Revolvers, among other titles. A master gunsmith, Patrick is also Handguns Editor for Guns & Ammo magazine.
SKU W0932
Additional Feature 200 Black & White Illustrations
Author/Speaker/Editor Patrick Sweeney
File/Trim Size 8.25''w x 10.875''h
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440217708
Number Of Pages 224

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Very good. Review by James

Useful tips for those moving from single stage reloading press to progressive press.

(Posted on 9/17/2014)

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