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Gun Digest Book of Long-Range Shooting, 2nd Edition

By L.P. Brezny

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You’ll benefit from this long-range shooting book if:

  • You want to increase your shooting range
  • You want updated information on technology & technique for long-range shooting
  • You participate in special competitive shooting events

With Gun Digest Book of Long-Range Shooting, 2nd Edition by L.P. Brezny, get up-to-date with the most recent advances in guns and gear to extend your range for hunting, informal target shooting, and formal competition shooting. This second edition also explores special competitive shooting events, like the 3-gun competition and rifle golf 1000-1500-yard games, addressing their recent explosion in popularity. Additionally, discover new tools for long-range shooters both in the field and on the firing range, with coverage of new developments due to advances in military applied combat theory.

While the gear certainly comes into play while long distance shooting, good technique is also important, and Brezny provides no shortage of ways to improve your technique. Through the author’s first-hand experience, as well as interviews with snipers and discussions with those who design and build guns, gear, and ammunition, Brezny presents techniques that will truly help you improve your aim in long-distance shooting situations. Whether you’re interested in long-range shooting technology, techniques, or competition, this updated edition has something for everyone!

In Gun Digest Book of Long-Range Shooting, 2nd Edition you’ll find:

  • Big-bore heavy-hitters for 1,000 yards and beyond
  • The hottest optics, props, chronographs, and techniques
  • Best new guns going long, new calibers and loadings, and more

A word from the author:

“Where my first book centered on the idea that starting with some old-school basics can get interested shooters into the long-range game, this second edition will contain material that deals with today and what contemporary shooters needs to realize if they want to make those first-shot, one-shot hits each and every time.” —L.P. Brezny

About the author:

L.P. Brezny is one of today's most respected gun writers, with bylines appearing across a wide variety of popular magazines. His stories make a regular appearance in our annual Gun Digest volume, and he is also the author of very well-received Gun Digest Guide to Long-Range Shooting.


CHAPTER 1: The Foundations of Long-Range Shooting: An Overview
CHAPTER 2: Cartridge Considerations
CHAPTER 3: Rifle Basics
CHAPTER 4: Heavy Hitters: The New Crop
CHAPTER 5: The Black Gun Equation
CHAPTER 6: The Super Bores
CHAPTER 7: Detailing Your Rifle for Distance Work
CHAPTER 8: Optics that Go Far
CHAPTER 9: Rangefinding Essentials
CHAPTER 10: Best Handloading Practices
CHAPTER 11: Chronographing for Accuracy
CHAPTER 12: Props & Techniques
CHAPTER 13: Where Can I Shoot Beyond 100 Yards?
CHAPTER 14: The New Long-Range Game in Town: Rifle Golf
CHAPTER 15: Professional Grade

SKU GROUP-U9368-U9374
Author/Speaker/Editor L.P. Brezny
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Gun Digest Book of Long-Range Shooting, 2nd Edition

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Gun Digest Book of Long-Range Shooting, 2nd Edition

Retail: $29.99

Your price: $26.99

You save: $3.00 (10%)


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